The English edition of Nova et Vetera is published quarterly and provides an international forum for theological and philosophical studies from a Thomistic perspective. The journal strives to follow the culturally engaged, ecclesial, broadly Thomistic, and dialogical perspective of the founder of the Swiss Nova et Vetera, Charles Journet. Journet worked at the intersection of theology, philosophy, and biblical studies, and we seek to do the same.

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Nova et Vetera, Spring 2007 (Vol. 5, No. 2)

ISSN 1542-7315

Symposium on Joseph Ratzinger / Pope Benedict XVI
‘Nature and Grace’ in the Encyclical Deus Caritas Est – Serge-Thomas Bonino, O.P.
Bonaventurian Resonances in Benedict XVI’s Theology of Revelation – Aaron Canty
The Theological Heritage of Pope Benedict XVI – Romanus Cessario, O.P.
A Note on Joseph Ratzinger and Contemporary Theology of the Priesthood – Matthew Levering
Joseph Ratzinger,Benedict XVI, on Biblical Interpretation: Two Leading Principles – Francis Martin
Pleasure: A Reflection on Deus Caritas Est – G.J. McAleer
Joseph Ratzinger and Protestant Theology: The Four Last Things – Francesca Aran Murphy
Benedict XVI on the Holy Images – Aidan Nichols, O.P.
Reflections on Deus Caritas Est: A Tour Through the Casbah – Michael Sherwin, O.P.
A Remedy for Relativism: The Cosmic, Historical, and Eschatological Dimensions of the Liturgy According to the Theologian Joseph Ratzinger – Geoffrey Wainwright

Acts Amid Precepts: The Aristotelian Logical Structure of Thomas Aquinas’s Moral Theory by Kevin Flannery, S.J – Lawrence Dewan, O.P.
Analogical Concept versus Analogical Judgment: Whose Aquinas, Which Rationality? A Discussion of Speaking the Incomprehensible God: Thomas Aquinas on the Interplay of Positive and Negative Theology by Gregory P. Rocca – Reinhard Hütter

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Nova et Vetera, Spring 2007 (Vol. 5, No. 2)