The English edition of Nova et Vetera is published quarterly and provides an international forum for theological and philosophical studies from a Thomistic perspective. The journal strives to follow the culturally engaged, ecclesial, broadly Thomistic, and dialogical perspective of the founder of the Swiss Nova et Vetera, Charles Journet. Journet worked at the intersection of theology, philosophy, and biblical studies, and we seek to do the same.

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Nova et Vetera, Spring 2016 (Vol. 14, No. 2)

ISSN 1542-7315

The Transcending Orthodoxy: Revealed Truth Authenticating Academic Freedom in the Catholic University – Reinhard Hütter
IVF: Mayhem and Murder—Well Disguised – Paul Conner, O.P.

Symposium: What Has Athens to Do with Jerusalem?
Direct Service between Athens and Jerusalem: On the Purpose and Organizing Principles of the Dominican Colloquia in Berkeley – Bryan Kromholtz, O.P. and Justin Gable, O.P
The Theology of Disclosure – Robert Sokolowski
Response to Robert Sokolowski – Richard Schenk, O.P.
Omnisubjectivity: Why It Is a Divine Attribute – Linda Zagzebski
Response to Linda Zagzebski – Bernhard Blankenhorn, O.P.
From Aristotle to John Searle and Back Again: Formal Causes, Teleology, and Computation in Nature – Edward Feser
Response to Edward Feser – Simon Francis Gaine, O.P.
“Of All the Gin Joints …” Causality, Science, Chance, and God – Michael J. Dodds, O.P.
Response to Michael J. Dodds – Stephen A. Long
The Future of Philosophy – John R. Searle
Response to John R. Searle – Michael J. Dodds, O.P.
The Vindication of St. Thomas: Thomism and Contemporary Anglo-American Philosophy – Alfred J. Freddoso
Response to Alfred J. Freddoso – Thomas Joseph White, O.P.
Analogical Synthesis: An Impossible Project? – Michał Paluch, O.P.
Response to Michał Paluch – Matthew Levering
Can We Demonstrate that “God Exists”? – John O’Callaghan
Response to John O’Callaghan – Michael S. Sherwin, O.P.
Epilogue: Reply to Michael S. Sherwin’s Response – John O’Callaghan
Not a Miracle: Our Knowledge of God’s Signs and Wonders – Anselm Ramelow, O.P.
The Metaphysics of Meaning: Applying a Thomistic Ontology of Art to a Contemporary Hermeneutical Puzzle and the Problem of the Sensus Literalis – Peter Junípero Hannah, O.P.

Book Reviews
Rebuilding Catholic Culture: How the Catechism Can Shape Our Common Life by Ryan N. S. Topping – Bruno M. Shah, O.P.
T & T Clark Companion to Augustine and Modern Theology edited by C. C. Pecknold and Tarmo Toom – Joshua Gonnerman
Dark Passages of the Bible: Engaging Scripture with Benedict XVI and Thomas Aquinas by Matthew J. Ramage – Christopher T. Baglow
Dynamic Transcendentals: Truth, Goodness, & Beauty from a Thomistic Perspective by Alice M. Ramos – Kevin E. O’Reilly, O.P.
Explorations in the Theology of Benedict XVI edited by John C. Cavadini – Jonathan Martin Ciraulo
Aquinas and the Cry of Rachel: Thomistic Reflections on the Problem of Evil by John F. X. Knasas – Karina Robson

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Nova et Vetera, Spring 2016 (Vol. 14, No. 2)