The English edition of Nova et Vetera is published quarterly and provides an international forum for theological and philosophical studies from a Thomistic perspective. The journal strives to follow the culturally engaged, ecclesial, broadly Thomistic, and dialogical perspective of the founder of the Swiss Nova et Vetera, Charles Journet. Journet worked at the intersection of theology, philosophy, and biblical studies, and we seek to do the same.

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Nova et Vetera, Winter 2018 (Vol. 16, No. 1)

ISSN 1542-7315

Contemporary Moral Theology

A Thomistic Appraisal of the Catechism of the Catholic Church on the Capital Vices – Basil Cole, O.P.
The Church as Pastoral Icon of the Mercy of the Good Shepherd – David W. Fagerberg
The Courage to Rest: Thomas Aquinas on the Soul of Leisure – Aquinas Guilbeau, O.P.

Is Artificial Impregnation Opposed to the Unity of Marriage?: A New Look at the Question of Embryo Adoption – Irene Alexander
Amoris Laetitia, Pastoral Discernment, and Thomas Aquinas – Kevin L. Flannery, S.J. & Thomas V. Berg
Married Sexuality within the Drama of Creation and Redemption: Humanae Vitae through the Lens of Gaudium et Spes – Michael Dauphinais
Thinking the Embodied Person with Karol Wojtyła – Angela Franz Franks
Leonine Social Anthropology: Analogy, Hierarchy, and Liberalism – Jason A. Heron
The Virtue of Sobriety: Integral Ecology in Its Full Flourishing – Jennifer E. Miller
Securing the Foundations: Karol Wojtyła’s Thomistic Personalism in Dialogue with Natural Law Theory – Petar Popović
On Love and War: Reflections on the Abuse of Technical Rationality – Michael S. Sherwin, O.P.
The Formation and Exercise of Conscience in Private and Public Matters – Sebastian Walshe, O.Praem.
An Examination of the Role of Faith in Matrimonial Consent and the Consequences for the Sacrament of Marriage – Lawrence J. Welch & Perry Cahall

Book Reviews
Commentary on Thomas Aquinas’s Treatise on Law by J. Budziszewski – Francis J. Beckwith
The Glory of God’s Grace: Deification According to St. Thomas Aquinas by Daria Spezzano. – Daniel W. Houck
Benedict XVI’s Reform: The Liturgy between Innovation and Tradition by Nicola Bux – Dominic M. Langevin, O.P.
Human Action in Thomas Aquinas, John Duns Scotus, & William of Ockham by Thomas M. Osborne, Jr. – Matthew R. McWhorter
Verbum Domini and the Complementarity of Exegesis and Theology, edited by Scott Carl – William M. Wright IV

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Nova et Vetera, Winter 2018 (Vol. 16, No. 1)