Three times by a charcoal fire, Peter denied the Lord.

But that’s not the end of the story.

In Peter and Jesus by a Charcoal Fire, the relationship between Jesus and Peter is faithfully represented—from Jesus’ calling of Peter, to their close friendship throughout Jesus’ ministry, to Peter’s denial and later profession of faith in Jesus.

As the narrative of Scripture unfolds, readers will discover the great love that Our Lord has, not just for Peter but for each of us. Is there anything His love won’t make new?

Recommended for ages 5 and up.


Maura Roan McKeegan is the author of a number of Catholic picture books, including the award-winning Old and New series; Where is Jesus Hidden?; St. Conrad and the WildfireThe Poorest Shepherd; Julia Greeley: Secret Angel to the Poor; and Seven Clues: A Catholic Treasure Hunt, co-authored with Scott Hahn. Reading aloud with children is her favorite hobby.

When Gina Capaldi was ten years old she wrote a letter to Norman Rockwell telling him she loved his work and when she grew up wanted to be an illustrator, too! Mr. Rockwell wrote back to Gina and this very letter sits near her drafting table—forever encouraging and uplifting her. She is the author and illustrator of numerous books, including The Real Presence with Claudia Cangilla McAdam, St. Kateri Tekawitha, and Julia Greeley: Secret Angel to the Poor with Maura Roan McKeegan.


“From the excitement of being called to follow Jesus, to the despair of denying Him in a moment of weakness, to the joy of reunion and forgiveness after the Resurrection, St. Peter’s life models the highs and lows of discipleship. Maura Roan McKeegan captures the character of Peter and his relationship with Jesus in a way that children can understand and connect to. Drawing comparisons between events in Peter’s life, the flow of stories gives a model for remaining close with Jesus even after we have made mistakes. This would make a perfect read aloud especially during the Easter season or when helping prepare children to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation!”

Katherine Bogner, Teacher, DRE, and Author of Through the Year with Jesus and Through the Year with Mary


“Maura McKeegan offers another beautiful book for children, showing how Jesus meets—and redeems—Peter. The setting: two charcoal fires, one of betrayal and one of redemption. I look forward to reading this to my grandchildren!”

Kimberly Hahn, Author, Speaker, and Host of the Beloved and Blessed Podcast


“With meditative watercolor illustrations, Peter and Jesus by a Charcoal Fire introduces the children to the story of Peter’s call, betrayal, and reconciliation with Jesus. With subtle language choices, this Scriptural narrative invites readers to understand Peter’s discipleship in a new light, and to find in the light of that charcoal fire a glimpse of Jesus’ unquenchable love and overwhelming mercy.”

Theresa Kiser, Host of the Catholic Kidlit Podcast and author of Arthur the Clumsy Altar Server

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  1. Andrew Pio Masi

    very inspiring book

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Peter and Jesus by a Charcoal Fire