For decades, respected Scripture scholar Fr. William S. Kurz, S.J. has exemplified the unity of scholarship, faith, and action. In Reading and Living Scripture, edited by Jeremy Holmes and Kent Lasnoski, an international gathering of scholars pays tribute to his life and work.

The first essay speaks to the need for the unity Fr. Kurz has lived so well. The next three essays illuminate the kind of scholarship typical of Fr. Kurz’s career: one tracks the key verb “choose” across Luke-Acts; another investigates the dinner at Emmaus through an interpretation of Caravaggio’s famous painting; a third explores how we should imagine the everyday life of ordinary people in the seven cities that first received the book of Revelation. The next two essays, together with the final essay of the volume, examine the necessary union of exegesis and faith: one cannot separate exegesis of the human events of Scripture from the theological meaning of the text, because human agency cannot be separated from the action of the divine agency. The remaining essays highlight how faith-filled scholarship should feed action: one interprets the relevance of Genesis 1–3 for a theology of work, and another argues that the early chapters of Genesis are still relevant for morality today; a third essay highlights the role of the charisms of the Spirit in the Christian life, reflecting Fr. Kurz’s own background in the charismatic movement; lastly, one essay describes Fr. Kurz’s long life of action in the pro-life movement.

Written and assembled by friends, colleagues, students, and long-time friends of Fr. Kurz, this festschrift honors his accomplishments and mirrors his virtues.


About the Editors

Jeremy Holmes is Associate Professor of Theology at Wyoming Catholic Col­lege. He holds a B.A. in Liberal Arts from Thomas Aquinas College, a Mas­ters Degree in Sacred Theology from the International Theological Institute in Gaming, Austria, and a Ph.D. in theology with a concentration in the New Testament from Marquette Uni­versity. He is a founding board mem­ber of The Aquinas Institute and has published a translation of St. Thomas Aquinas’s Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew.

Kent Lasnoski is Associate Professor of Theology at Wyoming Catholic Col­lege. He is the author of Vocation to Vir­tue: Christian Marriage as a Consecrated Way, as well as articles in biomedical ethics and sexual ethics. He co-edits the book reviews for the Journal of Moral Theology, is a founding board member of the journal Dappled Things, and is a member of the Academy of Catholic Theology.


“This volume is a worthy bouquet for the eightieth birthday of Fr. William S. Kurz, S.J. It testifies to his international reputation as a New Testament scholar and teacher, but also reflects the honoree’s prophetic witness for a culture of life. He manifests the wisdom and joy God gives to those who love him (Daniel 12:3).”

Ulrich L. Lehner, University of Notre Dame


“Written by a distinguished group of senior scholars from diverse disciplines, these essays reflect something of the scope of the scholarship and ministry of the man they honor: close study of Scripture in its historical and canonical context, biblical narrative, reading Scripture in communion with the Church, prayerfully pondering the Word of God in the light of the Holy Spirit, the moral teaching of the Bible. These first-rate studies offer fitting tribute to a gifted biblical scholar, theologian, and passionately pro-life priest who has touched the hearts and minds of countless students, scholars, and friends over the years.”

John S. Grabowski, The Catholic University of America

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1 review for Reading and Living Scripture: Essays in Honor of William S. Kurz, S. J.

  1. Steve Kurz

    The essays in this book offer a concise look at the strength and weakness of biblical exegesis since Vatican II and offer a more God centered and orthodox approach. They also acknowledge the value of charisms and the importance of right to life.

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Reading and Living Scripture: Essays in Honor of William S. Kurz, S. J.