From Genesis to Revelation, Scripture and the Mystery of the Mass explores the biblical roots of the Mass and the practical ways in which the mystery of the Eucharist affects our everyday lives. This volume includes essays by prominent Catholic scholars and apologists such as Scott Hahn, Jeff Cavins, Tim Gray, Kimberly Hahn, Curtis Martin, Edward P. Sri, Michael Barber, and others. Discover the Old and New Testament roots of the Mass, the full meaning of the Eucharist, and more in Scripture and the Mystery of the Mass.

About the Series
This benchmark series brings together the expert knowledge and personal insight of today’s top Catholic apologists on topics at the heart of the Catholic faith. Whether you’re a non-Catholic who wants to learn about the Church’s teaching, or a Catholic who wants to become a more articulate defender of the faith, the Catholic for a Reason series is for you.

“This third volume of the Catholic for a Reason series will provide for the reader much food for prayerful reflection, much of which will, I hope, take place before the tabernacle. The content of this volume will surely nourish the ‘wow,’ which should abide in the heart of every disciple of Christ, so that our amazement in the face of the Eucharistic mystery, we well as our human capacity for wonder, might be stirred.”
—Most Rev. Robert C. Morlino, Bishop of Madison, WI

“An excellent text for study groups of for personal formation in the theology and spirituality of the Eucharist. Each chapter is engaging and easy to read, yet solidly and comprehensively presents the Mass and the Eucharist, showing their scriptural foundation from Jewish roots through apostolic times, and unfolding their meaning for Christian living in the present, on to the future parousia. The meaning of the Eucharist is explored regarding Real Presence, sacrifice, evangelization, suffering, and marital communion. This is a book one can read for inspiration, yet return to frequently to review and study, finding applications for one’s daily life as well as insight for better participation in the Mass and in Eucharistic devotion.”
—Fr. Thomas Acklin, O.S.B., Saint Vincent Seminary, Latrobe, PA.

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Scripture & the Mystery of the Mass