“Our words indicate our thoughts, but our thoughts don’t make anything happen. . . . It’s not the same with God.” In Speaking the Love of God: An Introduction to the Sacraments, Dr. Jacob W. Wood shows how Christ gives his Church the power to speak with God’s voice in the seven sacraments. In this foundational guide to the sacraments, discover the power of the signs and words that transform us by grace and prepare us for glory.

About the Author
Dr. Jacob W. Wood is Assistant Professor of Theology at the Franciscan University of Steubenville. He has presented at conferences nationally and internationally. His work focuses on theological anthropology in medieval, early modern, and ressourcement theology, and has appeared in many publications including The Heythrop Journal, Nova et Vetera, The T&T Clark Companions to Augustine and Modern Theology and to Henri de Lubac, the Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Ethics and others.

 “This introduction to the sacramental life opens the treasures of the Church both to those newly discovering them and also to those who may have not understood their richness. Recent years have not always offered adequate catechesis, but Dr. Jacob Wood helps remedy that with a gifted intellect that makes the wealth of faith easily understood in ways congenial to any diligent reader.”
—Fr. George William Rutler, Pastor of St. Michael’s Church in New York City and author of Hints of Heaven: The Parables of Christ & What They Mean for You

Speaking the Love of God beautifully shows how the sacraments allow each of us to share in God’s plan of salvation. This book faithfully presents the Church’s understanding of the sacraments, illustrates how they are founded in Jesus Christ and the Scriptures, and illuminates how we live them today through the practices and teachings of the Fathers of the Church.”
—Fr. Devin Roza, Author of Fulfilled in Christ: The Sacraments—A Guide to Symbols and Types in the Bible and Tradition

“The Catechism states that the seven sacraments are ‘efficacious signs of grace, instituted by Christ and entrusted to the Church, by which divine life is dispensed to us.’ Dr. Wood’s book unpacks this profound truth in clear and comprehensive ways. Just as importantly, this excellent book challenges readers to grow in their love for Christ and his Church.”
—Carl E. Olson Editor of Catholic World Report and author of Did Jesus Really Rise From the Dead?

“With the precision and exactitude of a catechetical surgeon, Dr. Jacob Wood reveals the sacraments as the very lifeblood for Christ’s body of believers. Speaking the Love of God is a thoughtful and poignant look at the seven sacraments of the Church.”—Mark Hart, The Bible Geek and author of Behold the Mystery: A Deeper Understanding of the Catholic Mass 
“I have been using Speaking the Love of God: An Introduction to the Sacraments as a supplementary text in my 11th grade Sacraments class, and the experience I’ve had has been wonderful. Dr. Jacob Wood has managed to create a textbook geared towards high school level students, making it easy to read but not so easy that my students feel like they are in kindergarten. The mix of modern-day vernacular mixed with technical theological language flows seamlessly and allows the reader to learn how to read dense theology without being intimidated. Two features in this textbook stand out to me as an educator. First, the Scripture readings, Catechism readings, and Canon Law readings that are assigned in the beginning of each chapter serve as perfect homework assignments that really tie together different aspects of the Catholic Church and show how everything is related. Second, Dr. Wood’s use of primary texts in Speaking the Love of God is crucial in the theological development of the student, especially in light of how modern day social media has conditioned young people to read or watch only secondary sources of information and to ignore the primary. Having them read primary texts from different parts of history, from patristics to medieval to modern, allows them to see the original context and intention of the author, and how the Catholic Church has interpreted that text. I cannot recommend this textbook highly enough. It is essential to the average high school student learning theology, and essential even in the life of the everyday Christian faithful.”
—An Do, religious studies teacher at Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit High School

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  1. smith.madelyn88

    This is the second copy I’m buying. I originally bought this and read it as part of the study on the sacraments. I gave it to a friend who was entering the Church and am buying another copy to add it back to my library. It is a great and wonderful account of the sacraments. Very easy to read yet so deep in scripture and theology. A great resource for any personal library.

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Speaking the Love of God: An Introduction to the Sacraments