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Imagine what’s possible if we fortify ourselves, and each other, with a deeper understanding of Sacred Scripture, doing more to build up and strengthen our families and our communities! It’s critical that this happens. Will you be with us?

With a St. Paul Center membership, you can be part of a transformative experience – for you and for our Church! Just choose your level (Silver or Gold) and your payment timing (monthly or annual) and you’re ready to get started! Plus, your financial support of our programs helps us in our efforts to assist in forming healthy priests. Join us today!

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  • Weekly access to The Word of the Lord – a video series presented by Scott Hahn and John Bergsma
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If we’re to fortify one another in the faith, we need to give others the tools needed to persevere, especially knowledge and love of Sacred Scripture!

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Product Reviews

23 reviews for St. Paul Center Membership

  1. adnnlingl

    I’ve been hooked on listening to Dr. Scott Hahn’s talks/books ever since I went to a conference of his in Regina, Saskatchewan in 1992. I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat the whole conference and bought the cassette tape set of the conference and then wore it out listening to the tapes at home. When he said “God is a family in time and eternity” it changed the way I think about God. And also, how surprised he was to see how many Catholics had their bibles with them at the conference. Being a cradle Catholic, it hit home that I didn’t know the bible like I should “ignorance of scripture is ignorance of Christ”. I am so thankful that Dr. Scott Hahn and his team have created such a rich resource for us! May God continue to richly bless this very fruitful ministry!

  2. mem2fbeck04

    From the time I first read Home Sweet Rome, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed following Scott Hahn in his wonderful presentation of the scriptures. He surely has played a major role in helping grow way beyond being a cradle catholic. The St. Paul Center is a great organization of continuing help in this journey of outreach Catholic faith

  3. olikora@yahoo.co.uk

    Am an Ardent listener to Scott Hans, he explains the new testament into the old testament in a way I have not heard before.

  4. Joshua Darling

    I love the Sunday video reflections and the daily reflections for the Mass readings.

  5. kneztomislav

    The Word of the Lord series has improved the way I approach and prepare for Sunday mass.

  6. Angela Williamson

    have read two of Dr. Scott Hahn’s books and was totally immersed and touched.

  7. wburrows1234

    Spiritually enriching

  8. jjgray1210

    Dr. Hahn and all the staff at St. Paul Center have and are doing a great service to the Church and to the world at large. With a heart and true love for the Trinity and the Church that was named in honor of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

  9. mariarose62

    Just started and it looks awesome!


    Awesome content

  11. inzaghi4real77

    It’s an honor to join this great family this Lenten period.

  12. Ana


  13. onyiokafor

    Happy to join this community during this Lent.

  14. saritawnazareth

    Deeply enriching

  15. rameyersjr

    This is an awesome value!

  16. knightswood


  17. Marian Fernando

    5 Stars to gain more knowledge and great in this time of Lent

  18. Carolyn Moscone

    The Word of the Lord series has drastically improved the way I approach and prepare for Sunday mass. The weekly content keeps me disciplined in dedicating time to Lectio Divina and provides far more insight than I could obtain on my own. I am excited to look more into the other video series offered.

  19. mkrags

    I have done several studies and read multiple books and gifted multiple books and enjoyed all and learned from all. Loved all studies and books.

  20. Fr. James Smith

    Completely worth it!

  21. connie.aagard

    The St Paul Center had enriched my life! Can’t get enough of Scott and John!!

  22. padrejeff


  23. amberkitty15608

    Scott, Kimberly and the Saint Paul Center team have a contagious zeal for teaching about Scripture and all things Catcholic – Thanks to them, I have a much deeper and more comprehensive knowledge of the Bible and our Church.

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