The Confessions of St. Augustine of Hippo is counted among the greatest Christian classics ever written. Combining poignant autobiography and profound theological reflection, the work stands as an enduring testimony to God’s grace and provident care, summoning readers throughout the centuries to join the strains of the confession of praise that Augustine here directs to his creator and savior. This new edition of the Confessions, here presented for the first time in a single-volume, Latin-English facing format, is the inaugural volume of a planned fifty-volume bilingual edition of the Complete Works of St. Augustine.

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2 reviews for The Confessions (Latin-English Edition)

  1. Jason F.

    I was very pleased with my purchase and the quality of St. Augustine’s Confessions in both Latin and English. Glad to see that New City Press has collaborated with the Aquinas Institute for this project and do hope they release more of these red volumes; I pray that Augustine’s “City of God” is next.

  2. 4jeremypriest

    New City Press’ English Translation: The Works of Saint Augustine: A Translation for the 21st Century:
    On this anniversary day of the death of St. Thomas Aquinas, we would like to announce a partnership with New City Press that will enable the Aquinas Institute to begin publishing a bilingual edition of the works of St. Augustine. New City Press has been translating and publishing the works of St. Augustine for the last 35 years, and their translations have become the new standard in the English-speaking world. The Aquinas Institute will begin using these translations to build an online database, and to publish bilingual editions similar to those we offer of St. Thomas Aquinas. The beginning of our online site is available to the public at We will be adding more texts and translations as the project progresses, and our aim is to bring out the first volume, containing the Confessions, within the next year. Happy feast day!

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The Confessions (Latin-English Edition)