Liturgy is an essential element of Scripture. It is central to the Bible’s story. The New Testament liturgy—especially the Eucharist—was promised in the Old Testament. It was anticipated, prefigured, foreshadowed. And it was fulfilled by Jesus in his Sacred Passion.

In The Eucharist in Scripture, discover God’s plan as it is expressed through the Bible and the liturgy. This six-lesson study, presented by Dr. Scott Hahn, will unlock the meaning of covenant, sacrifice, and sacrament as understood in the Bible, from Genesis through Revelation.

The liturgical content and context of the Bible remain relevant to Catholics today. In three powerful presentations, The Eucharist in Scripture reveals the message of God’s love for us in. This study includes three foundational talks: “The Lamb’s Supper,” “The Fourth Cup,” and “Consuming the Word.”

The Leader Bundle is the solution to holding small group studies in person or remotely. It’s specially designed to give leaders the flexibility to host their study in the setting they prefer: in their parish, their home, or virtually.

The Leader Bundle includes:

  • Leader Guide
  • Your choice of video format:
    • DVDs or
    • One-year access to streaming

Equipping Participants

As a bonus, this bundle helps leaders equip their participants in the way that suits each group. There are two options:

  • Leaders can purchase their group Participant Bundles at 20% off (ideal for in-person groups)
  • Or each participant can purchase their own Participant Bundle and receive free four-month streaming access (ideal for remote groups).

We also recommend the following resources to enhance your study: The Lamb’s Supper by Scott Hahn, The Fourth Cup by Scott Hahn, and Consuming the Word by Scott Hahn.

Check out our Small Group Planning Guide for more tips on hosting a study.

International customers: Because shipping internationally can be cost-prohibitive, we have made a PDF version of the book available to customers outside the United States. Click here to learn more.

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1 review for The Eucharist in Scripture Leader Bundle

  1. Clare DuMontier

    This is an excellent, easy to use program. The content is amazing. Scott Hahn’s lectures were so beautiful. We lifelong Catholics who administered the class at our parish learned so much and so many new things about our Mass liturgy were highlighted by Scott. The Scripture references he uses are just so rich! Thank you, Scott! The class members were so enthusiastic we are giving the program again in Lent. There are 6 weekends leading up to Easter and it is a perfect preparation for Holy Week.

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The Eucharist in Scripture Leader Bundle