We know that through Baptism we become children of God and heirs of heaven—that we receive sanctifying grace and have a share in the life of God himself. But what does that mean in our daily lives? The Glories of Divine Grace describes the immense gift of grace won for us by the Savior and the inconceivable power this grace gives to our lives. Among the mysteries of faith, the doctrine of grace occupies a preeminent place. It’s at the heart of Christianity because grace is how God comes to us and how we embrace God. To take this gift of divine grace for granted or to let it go to waste is an offense against God. Fr. Matthias J. Scheeben’s insights into the glories of divine grace reveal a man who knew this gift intimately and cherished it wisely. Don’t let this astonishing gift go unnoticed or unused or misunderstood. Read this masterful and intriguing book on grace.


Matthias Joseph Scheeben (1835–1888) was a German priest and scholar whose theology points to the inner coherence of the Christian faith and its supernatural mysteries. Notable in his own time, Scheeben later received praise from Pope Pius XI, who in 1935 encouraged study of the late theologian’s works, reflecting: “The entire theology of Scheeben bears the stamp of a pious ascetical theology.” Hans Urs von Balthasar credited Scheeben as “the greatest German theologian to date.” Scheeben’s works include Nature and Grace, The Mysteries of Christianity, and the unfinished Handbook of Catholic Dogmatics.


Andrew Swafford

“Because [Scheeben’s] thinking is so profoundly rooted in the Church Fathers and Sacred Scripture, his deepest speculative theology makes one want to drop to their knees in prayer, in absolute awe at the glory of who the Triune God is and what he has done for us.”
Andrew Swafford, PhD
Professor of Theology, Benedictine College


“In an age of individualism, we prefer to grasp after straws rather than accept the deifying fire that would lift us to glory. Scheeben points us heavenward, a masterful guide into the divine mystery of faith.”
Jared Staudt, PhD
St. John Vianney Seminary, Denver


Taylor Patrick O'Neill

“Scheeben masterfully outlines what grace is, how it works, and how it ultimately leads to our intimate union with God Himself, a union Scheeben so wonderful describes as ‘drawing down the entire Holy Trinity from Heaven into our soul.’”
Taylor Patrick O’Neill, PhD
Thomas Aquinas College, New England


Fr. Thomas Joseph White

“This early work of one of the greatest authors of Catholic theology in the modern era is penetrated by scholastic analysis of the mystery of grace. It is also a beautiful and profound work of mystical theology, giving voice to the living experience of the inward presence of God, and its transformative power within human nature.”
Fr. Thomas Joseph White, OP
Rector, Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum)

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The Glories of Divine Grace