Hundreds of books have been written to vindicate the Gospels by noting that they were written closer to the events they record than any other ancient history. But how do we know that they accurately recorded what Jesus said and did? How do we know they didn’t fabricate their contents? That Jesus really did work the miracles reported in the Gospels? Most important of all, how do we know what is the authentic interpretation of his words and deeds?

Christian apologists have largely neglected to answer these significant questions because they have focused instead on vindicating the Gospels apart from the community that wrote them.

The Gospel Truth fills in this gap by demonstrating that a concerted and sophisticated effort was made to ensure that what Jesus taught and did was accurately retained, recorded, verified, and passed on to future believers. It also shows how we can know whether our copies of Scripture reflect the original, whether the books in our Bible really belong there, and ways to know how to correctly understand them.


Gary Michuta is the author of Revolt against Reality: Fighting the Enemies of Sanity and Truth from the Serpent to the State, Hostile Witnesses: How the Enemies of the Church Prove Christianity, The Case for the Deuterocanon: Arguments and Evidence, Why Catholic Bibles Are Bigger, and several other apologetic works. Gary is an instructor of apologetics for Home School Connections and is the host of “Hands On Apologetics” on Virgin Most Powerful Radio.


Al Kresta

“Gary Michuta will shame those who dismiss the Gospels as pious opinions unconcerned with historical reliability or eyewitness testimony. With great precision, he demonstrates how Jesus utilized time-tested rabbinic techniques to ensure that his disciples would have accurate recall of his teaching formatted for reliable transmission.”
Al Kresta
President/CEO of Ave Maria Radio and Host of “Kresta in the Afternoon”


Fr. Robert McTeigue, S.J_

“Michuta . . . shows that Christianity’s sacred texts are not mere fables or fabrications but reliable and accurate accounts of what Jesus said and did.  I learned a lot from this book—I expect you will too.”
Fr. Robert McTeigue, S.J.
Host of “The Catholic Current” and Author of Christendom Lost and Found and Real Philosophy for Real People


Douglas M. Beaumont

“For far too long the Bible has been under attack from atheist skeptics and Protestant critics alike—and the Catholic Church has unfortunately imbibed much of it under the guise of scholarship. While there are few popular-level resources to help the faithful combat these attacks, Gary Michuta has given us a great one in The Gospel Truth.
Douglas M. Beaumont
Author of With One Accord: Affirming Catholic Teaching Using Protestant Principles


William Albrecht

“Gary Michuta has put together an extraordinary work that is sure to enrich every Christ-lover with its journey through the clarity of the faith and the shedding of common misconceptions. It should also be noted that the footnotes are a treasure trove waiting to be scoured. A must-own book!”
William Albrecht
International Speaker, Debater, and Author at

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The Gospel Truth: How We Can Know What Christ Taught