A restoration, a recovery, is currently advancing in the area of religious education and catechesis. It is a restoration in which the concept of the “pedagogy of God” has a pivotal role to play. According to the General Directory for Catechesis, the primary difficulty facing catechesis today is that catechists do not yet have a full understanding of “the conception of catechesis as a school of faith, an initiation and apprenticeship in the entire Christian life.” The pivotal truth is that God himself is the pedagogue. He has the central role in every catechetical event. Catechists and those being catechized are invited to co-operate with him in learning under his grace.
Catechetical leaders will be happy to find within these pages scholars and practitioners of catechesis who address many aspects of communicating the Faith with the unified purpose of answering the primary question of catechesis as a “school of faith” embracing the entire Christian life. It is here that we find the crucial place of The Pedagogy of God: Its Centrality in Catechesis and Catechist Formation.
This collection of works arising from the international catechetical conference held in Rome in 2009 includes:
  • “The Key to Christian Pedagogy” by Cardinal Antonio Cañizares Llovera
  • “An Original Pedagogy for Catechesis” by Petroc Willey
  • “The Pedagogue and the Teacher” by Petroc Willey “The Pedagogy of God: Aim and Process” by Petroc Willey
  • “Divine Pedagogy and Doctrinal Formation of Catechists”by Bishop Richard J. Malone, S.T.L., Th.D.
  • “Divine Pedagogy in Christian Initiation” by Rev. Manuel del Campo Guilarte
  • “Divine Pedagogy and Moral Formation in Catechesis” by Rev. Wojciech Giertych, O.P.
  • “Divine Pedagogy in Prayer” by Rev. Louis Menvielle
  • “The Pedagogy of God: Source and Model for the Pedagogy of the Faith” by Waltraud Linnig
  • “Methodology in the Light of the Pedagogy of God” by Caroline Farey
  • “The Ecclesial Vocation of the Catechist” by Sr. M. Johanna Paruch, F.S.G.M


About the Authors

Dr. Caroline Farey is responsible for catechist formation at Maryvale Institute.

Dr. Waltraud Linnig is the Director for the program of formation for the transmission of the faith at Studium of Notre Dame de Vie (Venasque, France), aggregated to the Pontifical Faculty of the Teresianum.

Sr. M. Johanna Paruch, F.S.G.M., Ph.D., is a member of the Sisters of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George and is Professor of Catechetics at the Franciscan University of Steubenville.

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The Pedagogy of God: Its Centrality in Catechesis and Catechist Formation