For two-thousand years, Christians around the world have sought the Blessed Virgin Mary as a guide to growing closer to her Son, Jesus. Through Scripture, Catholic teaching, devotions, and countless works of art, we come to see Mary as our Mother, too.

Through the Year with Mary by Katherine Bogner brings together the Church’s traditions in one place and provides a year-long plan for coming to know and love the Mother of God through

  • Weekly passages from Scripture, saints, and scholars
  • Reflections to nurture your understanding of Marian teaching and devotion
  • Sacred art from around the world
  • Marian prayers to teach you to grow closer to Jesus through Mary

This comprehensive resource will help adults and children alike to entrust themselves to the most loving Mother of Jesus.

Through the Year with Mary has received the nihil obstat and imprimatur.

Nihil obstat:
Msgr. Philip D. Halfacre, V.G.
Censor Librorum 

Most Rev. Daniel R. Jenky, C.S.C.
Bishop of Peoria
September 15, 2021


Katherine Bogner is the author of Through the Year with Jesus and a Catholic school teacher and Director of Religious Education from Central Illinois. She is passionate about equipping parents, catechists, and teachers to share the beauty and truth of Christ and His Church with their students. Visit where she shares free lesson plans, printables, and other resources for teaching the Faith.


Kendra Tierney

“In this companion volume to her wonderful book, Through the Year with Jesus, Katherine Bogner again hits all the right notes. Everything you’ve ever wondered about Mary is covered here, with quotes from saints and scholars, Church doctrine, Marian apparitions, Scripture from the Old and New Testaments, beautiful works of art, and prayers. It’s great for all ages, and would be useful in the home or classroom. Alongside your children, you’ll learn everything the Catholic Church has taught about Our Lady over the centuries, and how all of it, always, points us to a deeper understanding of her Son, Jesus.”

Kendra Tierney, Author and Blogger,


Colleen Pressprich

“This book is an absolute must for families interested in deepening their devotion to Mary and honoring her in their homes and hearts all year long. In simple and compelling language, Katherine has made the wealth of the Church’s teachings on the Blessed Mother accessible without sacrificing depth. With easy-to-read reflections, beautiful art, and prayers from around the world, this book will easily become a cornerstone of your domestic church.”

Colleen Pressprich, Author of Marian Consecration for Families with Young Children


Katie Prejean-McGrady

“I am always looking for things to help us better communicate the faith to our daughters, who have lots of questions and an appetite to learn about Jesus. Who better to help us help them meet Jesus than His mother? Through the Year with Mary has been such a great resource for us to pray with on the way to school each morning, at the dinner table in the evening, and to try to grow our little domestic church with intentional focus on the person who knew Jesus best: His mom.”

Katie Prejean McGrady, Award-winning Author of Follow: Your Lifelong Adventure with Jesus and Host of The Katie McGrady Show on Sirius XM


“Katie Bogner has done it again! Through the Year with Mary is an outstanding guide for children and adults as they grow in their love of God and His Church. Katie’s book offers a robust collection of Marian art, theology, prayers, and feast days to lead us to Jesus through Mary. Just like its companion book, Through the Year with Jesus, Through the Year with Mary is the perfect addition to any Catholic classroom or home. Buy this book!”

Bonnie Engstrom, Author of 61 Minutes to a Miracle

“I love the way Katherine Bogner unfailingly respects children’s ability to grasp deep theological truths. Her enthusiasm for Marian theology, and for sharing it with children, makes Through the Year with Mary shine with authenticity, style, and uniqueness. From poems about Mary to flowers named for her; from stories of apparitions to Marian typology; this book is filled with fascinating details and Marian connections that will captivate readers. Bogner lays a rich feast upon this literary table!”

Maura Roan McKeegan, Award-winning Author of the Old and New Typology Series for Children


Through the Year With Mary is a treasure. I can’t think of a more fitting and comprehensive resource in which to wrap your children in Our Lady’s mantle as you learn, grow, and pray through this book together. It is every bit as beautiful as it is educational. What a gift to families!”

Katie Warner, Bestselling Children’s Book Author,


“If we reach Jesus through Mary, we reach Mary through Katherine Bogner’s latest book. It’s the compendium of all that is Marian—an absolute delight for the eyes and soul.”

Jenna Hines, Author of The Lazy Liturgical

Through the Year with Mary is a stunning weekly journey with Mary for kids. My son is a budding artist and history buff with a special devotion to Mary. The way to his heart is to connect gorgeous sacred art with Scripture and history and Katie brilliantly weds the two with this wonderful book. It’s the perfect liturgical companion to our homeschool religion and art curriculum!”

Shari Van Vranken, Artist, Catholic Paper Goods

“A child’s first experience of love is through a mother. How fitting it is to draw children closer to God through their heavenly Mother! As a catechist, I find in this book a treasure of resources and information for teaching children more about Marian doctrine and devotion. As a mother and homeschooler, I find in it a natural means of connecting my children’s experience of earthly maternity to their spiritual one. And as an artist, I am in love with the classical art component to this book, and foresee it providing a wealth of material for further, prayerful contemplation.”

Michele Chronister, Author of The Catholic Field Guide to the Liturgy 

“Anyone who has had the good fortune of being loved well by their earthly mother knows nothing will ever replicate that particular relationship. The sacrifices they make, the care they give, and the moments shared are irreplaceable. This special perspective of Jesus’s life is unveiled and made accessible to all ages in Katherine Bogner’s book Through the Year with Mary.

Danielle VanMeenen, Catechist and School Counselor

“In Through the Year with Mary, Katherine Bogner crafts a beautiful tool for families and religious education classrooms alike. In her gentle and genuine voice, she explains Catholic beliefs and traditions concerning Mary and reminds us that Mary always leads us to Jesus. The chapters are thoughtfully organized around Marian teachings, feast days, prayers, and saints, and they can be used systematically or as stand-alone lessons for catechesis. All who read and pray with this book will surely deepen their relationship with Jesus and His mother and grow in understanding of our rich Catholic faith.”

Christine Krabel, Catholic School Teacher

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  1. Lindsay Schlegel

    Another excellent book by Katie Bogner! The breadth and depth of this book are incredible, but of course it is all presented in an accessible and beautiful way.

    The title says a year, but this is a book my family will be coming back to again and again as we raise our children. Every Catholic family should have this book on their shelf. A great gift for godparents to give!

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Through the Year with Mary: Ponder and Pray Together with Children