In everyday parlance, synthesis is synonymous with short. Here, Mauro Gagliardi uses synthesis as it has been applied to the Hypostatic Union in Christ: the “Synthetic Union” of the two natures in one Person. All of dogmatic theology is presented from this et-et (both-and), Christocentric approach in Truth is a Synthesis: Catholic Dogmatic Theology.

The volume presents for beginners a comprehensive, organic view of the Catholic faith. Truth is a Synthesis spotlights, in a respectful yet clear way, the different views about Christian Dogmatics held by our separated brethren, both Protestant and Orthodox. As he explores the implications of the et-et nature of theology, Gagliardi reveals the underlying unity of both Fundamental and Dogmatic theology

“Professor Gagliardi’s book is in every way a magnum opus, both from the qualitative and the quantitative standpoint.”—Cardinal Gerhard L. Müller


Mauro Gagliardi, S.T.D, a priest of the Archdiocese of Salerno (Italy), is a Professor at the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum and Visiting Professor at the Angelicum. Fr. Gagliardi has also taught as a Visiting Professor in Spain and the United States. Pope Benedict XVI appointed him as Consultor to the Office for the Liturgical Celebrations of the Supreme Pontiff and Consultor to the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. Fr. Gagliardi has authored ten books and is the editor or co-author of another seven.


“With his newly published Truth Is a Synthesis: Catholic Dogmatic Theology, Fr. Gagliardi has made a significant contribution in the area of theological formation. This text should prove of valuable assistance to both student and teacher alike, as a comprehensive, detailed, and faithful overview of Catholic teaching found in Sacred Scripture, Tradition, papal teaching, and scholarship through the centuries to the present day. This work in English should enjoy a receptive and expanded audience.”

Most. Rev. Glen Provost
Bishop of Lake Charles


“This book is long because it is patient. It is as lucid as it is long. It is in itself a fulsome theological education, accessibly organized. Teachers and students, clergy and laity—anyone with an enquiring mind who seeks knowledge, insight, and coherence in the things that matter most—will not only enjoy reading it but will return to it regularly. It will be one of the first books to which I point my own students.”

Douglas Farrow
McGill University


“With this volume, Fr. Gagliardi presents us with a compelling and comprehensive synthesis of Catholic dogmatic theology. His thoroughly researched and accessibly written work offers to students—and to other interested readers—a crystal clear account of the cohesive and harmonious structure of Catholic theology. This book is an invaluable vademecum for all those wishing to understand, probe, and appreciate Catholicism’s precise formulation of divine Revelation.”

Thomas G. Guarino
Seton Hall University


“Fr. Gagliardi has gifted us with a timely and much-needed book. In clear and incisive writing he sets forth the Catholic theological Tradition as a rich organic unity that does not countenance either the reductionism or the relativism so prevalent today. Trinitarian Christocentrism provides the focus and logic of his work and is the source of its unity and the measure of its catholicity. Gagliardi’s work presents a salutary challenge to all serious students of theology whether in seminaries and universities or in pulpit and pews.”

Robert Imbelli
Boston College


Truth is a Synthesis is a very welcome contribution to the New Evangelization, and especially to the formation of priests and other pastoral ministers, as Fr. Gagliardi skillfully takes his readers beyond the fragmentation that too often characterizes theological reflection and education today.”

George Weigel
Ethics and Public Policy Center

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Truth Is a Synthesis: Catholic Dogmatic Theology