It’s time to elect a pope!

Welcome to St. Peter’s Square in the heart of the Vatican, where cardinals are arriving from every corner of the globe. They have come to elect a new pope.

We Have a Pope is a gorgeously illustrated children’s book by beloved author Katherine Bogner and illustrator Kortnee Senn.

Discover the history of the papacy and how a new pope is chosen in We Have a Pope. See inside the walls of the Sistine Chapel and watch from St. Peter’s square as the whole Catholic Church waits to hear the words “Habemus papem—we have a pope!”

With your purchase of We Have a Pope, you will receive a digital download with special bonus resources. This exclusive PDF includes printable coloring pages, prayer cards, papal trading cards, and more!

Katherine Bogner is a Catholic school teacher from Central Illinois who is passionate about equipping parents, catechists, and teachers to share the beauty and truth of Christ and His Church with children. She is the author of All About Advent and Christmas, Through the Year with Jesus, and Through the Year with Mary. Visit her website,, for free lesson plans, printables, and other resources for teaching the faith.

Kortnee Senn is an artist, author, and founder of Studio Senn, a small creative company that features passionately Catholic art and illustrations. Her books include Seek and You Will Find and You Were Born to Be a Saint. She lives with her family in Washington state.


“A powerful and eloquent book that immerses you into the process of choosing a pope, while using simple words and delightful illustrations that will captivate Catholics of all ages!”
Sam Mead, Cultivating Catholics

“The election of a new Pope is an exciting moment for the Church and for the world. As a child, even as a non-Catholic, I remember being fascinated by the drama of Pope John Paul II’s election. In We Have a Pope the drama comes alive for children by showing its relationship to the history of the Church and, ultimately, to the Scriptural foundations of the Papacy. Katherine Bogner has produced a book that will impress itself deeply upon young minds and help them embrace the man chosen to lead the Church through these challenging times.”
Fr. Carter Griffin, Rector, Saint John Paul II Seminary in Washington, D.C.

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2 reviews for We Have a Pope

  1. Lindsay Schlegel

    What brilliance there is in teaming up Katie Bogner and Kourtnee Senn! I have admired both of them for so many years–their love of the faith, their knowledge of the faith, the ways in which they put their gifts in service of the faith–and to have them work together is a dream come true. This book is so well written, so beautifully illustrated. They clearly know and love their audience. Highly recommend this book for Catholic families and schools!

  2. Raising Wild Saints

    This book is AWESOME!! I am so impressed by the way this book captures the beauty, goodness, and truth of the Catholic Church and the process of electing a new pope! The illustrations are what really bring this book to life and beautifully show the process in a way that is easy for all ages to understand. Highly recommend this book!

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We Have a Pope