The Best Books in Our Warehouse

There’s no one who’s more familiar with our great resources than the people who work with them every day—our Emmaus Road warehouse staff. They’re always coming up with great ideas to help you hear about our best books.

So now we’re giving them the spotlight. Without further ado, we’ll let them introduce the Emmaus Road Warehouse Deal.

You heard it from the people who know best: get the hardcover of our best-selling The Fulfillment of All Desire for the price of the paperback! If that’s not enough, everyone who orders is eligible for a $5 paperback from the late Fr. James Schall—one of the most influential Catholic writers of the last century.

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Ralph Martin's modern classic The Fulfillment of All Desire is a perennial best-seller. Drawing upon the teaching of seven acknowledged Spiritual Doctors of the Church, he presents an in-depth study of the journey to God.

Catholicism and Intelligence

Catholicism and Intelligence is a collection of essays that challenge the reader to see God in what-is, in the reality of our world. Engaging some of the finest minds of the past—Chesterton, Plato, Augustine, and even Charlie Brown—Schall speaks to the present with incisive clarity, illustrating how revelation informs and strengthens the natural light of reason, enabling humanity to see reality most clearly. Catholicism and Intelligence affirms that a truly Catholic mind is radically and uniquely capable of sifting through competing worldviews.