This October 7th, seize the rare opportunity to journey through Scripture with a renowned guide.  Join internationally-known author and speaker, Matthew Leonard, at Our Lady of Light Parish in Fort Myers, Florida, as he leads you on a pilgrimage through the pages of Sacred Scripture.

A convert to Catholicism, his talk Why Mary? Penetrating the Power & Mystery of the Immaculate Conception is a powerful and convincing testament to Mary’s centrality in Catholic doctrine.
Tapping into salvation history, Matthew unravels the mystery of Mary’s mystical marriage to the Holy Spirit through Scripture and the writings of St. Maximilian Kolbe. In a presentation that will revolutionize how you view and relate to both Mary and the Holy Spirit, he demonstrates how Our Lady is nothing less than an epiphany of the Holy Spirit on earth, an icon of his love.

More than some sidelight, some “extra” devotion, she is an essential and pivotal player in our salvation who deserves more honor and veneration than we could ever give. It’s a presentation that can change your life.

But Matthew’s presentation is just the beginning.

You’ll also experience The Bible and the Sacraments, the brand new video series from the St. Paul Center that is taking the Catholic world by storm. Almost 70,000 people in over 180 countries have engaged this dynamic, cutting-edge series since its release on Ash Wednesday of this year.

In a presentation focusing on the beautiful sacrament of Penance, you’ll watch the Scriptures come alive and learn how this sacrament is woven into the very fabric of Sacred Scripture.

This series was absolutely amazing!! I learned so much and watched it over and over, taking many notes!!”

- Chelsea

So join Matthew and the St. Paul Center for an amazing morning designed to ignite your passion for God and the beautiful Church he gave us. We’ll even show you an easy way to share the faith with others.

The morning will wrap up with a powerful, yet fun presentation by Bible study expert Betsy Orr on the best way to host a Bible study for any sized group and share the faith with others.

It's going to be an incredible morning spent diving into the truth, beauty and goodness of Catholicism. See you there!

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