Enlightenment: Reflections on Pope Francis’s Encyclical Letter Lumen Fidei

Nova et Vetera, Winter 2014 (Vol. 12, No. 1)

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Winter 2014 Vol. 12, No. 1

ISSN 1542-7315

Enlightenment: Reflections on Pope Francis’s Encyclical Letter Lumen Fidei – Reinhard Hutter
Faith Enlightens the Mind: Pope Francis’s Lumen Fidei and Contemporary Errors on the Nature of Divine Faith – Irene Alexander
Three Pathways into the Theological Mind of Pope Francis – Keith Lemna & David H. Delaney
The Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI: An Abandonment of the Cross? A Theology of the Papal Ministry in the Light of the Theology of the Cross – Emeka Nwosuh, O.P.

Eucharistic Ecclesiologies of Locality and Universality in John Zizioulas and Joseph Ratzinger – Richard Declue
The Jewishness of the Apostles and Its Implications for the Apostolic Church – Jean-Miguel Garrigues, O.P.
Contraception outside Marriage: Prudence or Sin? – Donald Haggerty
A Catholic Perspective on the Mission of Israel – Roch Kereszty, O.Cist.
Servais-Théodore Pinckaers, O.P., and the Renewal of Sapiential Thomistic Theology – Paul Morrissey
The Church as the Defender of Conscience in Our Age – Kevin O’Reilly, O.P.
Creation and Covenant in Contemporary Theology: A Synthesis of the Principal Interpretative Keys – Santiago Sanz
The Importance of Rapture in the Thought of Aquinas – Michael M. Waddell

On Ratzinger/Benedict XVI’S Theology
Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI’s Christology of Jesus’ Prayer and Two Contemporary Theological Questions – David G. Bonagura, Jr.
Joseph Ratzinger on Biblical Inerrancy – Aaron Pidel, S.J.
Reality and Sign: Thomas Aquinas and the Christological Exegesis of Pope Benedict XVI – R. Jared Staudt

Book Reviews
Thomas Aquinas: Teacher and Scholar. The Aquinas Lectures at Maynooth, volume 2: 2002–2010. Edited by James McEvoy, Michael W. Dunne, and Julia Hynes – Matthew Archer
Metaphysics: The Creation of Hierarchy, by Adrian Pabst – Anne M. Carpenter

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