Without Gloss: Francis of Assisi and Western Catholicism.

Nova et Vetera, Winter 2015 (Vol. 13, No. 1)

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Winter 2015 Vol. 13, No. 1

ISSN 1542-7315

The Rights of the Family – Anselm Ramelow, O.P.

Symposium on Pope Francis and Saint Francis
Without Gloss: Francis of Assisi and Western Catholicism. – Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap
St. Francis and Pope Francis – R. R. Reno
St. Francis, the Catholic Church, and Islam – Carol and Philip Zalesi

In the Name of Jesus Christ: A Few Historical Perspectives on the Functioning of Authority in Biblical Interpretation – Timothy Bellamah, O.P.
The Quest for the Vera et Sincera de Jesu: Dei Verbum §19 and the Historicity of the Gospels – Anthony Giambrone, O.P.
The Humanism of the Incarnation: Catholic, Barthian, and Dutch Reformed – Tracy Rowland
Inspired Scripture as a Sacramental Vehicle of Divine Presence in the Gospel of John and Dei Verbum – William M. Wright IV

Symposium on Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger’s Erasmus Lecture
Word and Event: A Reappraisal – Gregory Vall
Biblical Interpretation as a Prophetic Charism in the Church – Mary Healy
Tradition and the Individual Exegete – Jeremy Holmes
Revelation and Understanding Scripture: Reflections on the Teaching of Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI – Francis Martin
Violence is Incompatible with the Nature of God: Benedict, Aquinas, and Method C Exegesis of the “Dark” Passages of the Bible – Matthew J. Ramage

Book Reviews
Cosmology by Édouard Hugon, O.P. – Alan Aversa
Thomas Aquinas and the Philosophy of Punishment by Peter Karl Koritansky – Raymond Hain
A Defense of Dignity: Creating Life, Destroying Life, and Protecting the Rights of Conscience by Christopher Kaczor – Steven J. Jensen
Sacrifice as Gift: Eucharist, Grace, and Contemplative Prayer in Maurice de la Taille by Michon M. Matthiesen – Guy Mansini, O.S.B
Jesus and the Demise of Death: Resurrection, Afterlife, and the Fate of the Christian by Matthew Levering – William M. Wright IV

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