Marriage, Sacramental Grace, and Contraception

Nova et Vetera, Fall 2018 (Vol. 16, No. 4)

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Fall 2018 Vol. 16, No. 4

ISSN 1542-7315

Pope Francis and the Death Penalty: A Conditional Advance of Justice in the Law of Nations – Barrett Turner
Marriage, Sacramental Grace, and Contraception – Kevin Raedy

“He Fathers-Forth Whose Beauty Is Past Change,” but “Who Knows How?”: Evolution and Divine Exemplarity – Andrew Davison
The Study of Theology as a Foretaste of Heaven: The Influence of Albert the Great on Aquinas’s Understanding of Beatitudo Imperfecta – Jacob W. Wood
Understanding the Common Good – Steven A. Long
Life Is a Stage: Neoplatonic Participation and Imitation in Gregory of Nazianzus’s Oration 45 – Athanasius Murphy, O.P.
Veritatis Splendor and Amoris Laetitia: Neither Lamented nor Celebrated Discontinuity – Angel Perez-Lopez
Beauty, Transcendence, and the Inclusive Hierarchy of Creation – Thomas Joseph White, O.P.

Symposium: Humanae Vitae at 50, Veritatis Splendor at 25, Fides et Ratio at 20
Human Ecology and the Prophetic Value of Humanae Vitae – Michele M. Schumacher
The Splendor and Gift of the Christian Moral Life: Veritatis Splendor at Twenty-Five – Michael Dauphinais
Faith, Realism, and Universal Reason: MacIntyrean Reflections on Fides et Ratio – Mats Wahlberg

Symposium: Milbank and Pabst’s The Politics of Virtue
“There Is Another Kingdom”: On The Politics of Virtue – Tracey Rowland
Challenging the Terms of Liberalism: On The Politics of Virtue – D.C. Schindler
Rebuilding the City of God: Locating the Politics of Virtue within the Politics of Sin and Grace – Jacob W. Wood

Book Reviews
Servitore di Dio e dell’umanità: La biografia di Benedetto XVI by Elio Guerriero – Matthew C. Briel
General Principles of Sacramental Theology by Roger W. Nutt – John Froula
The Past as Pilgrimage: Narrative, Tradition and the Renewal of Catholic History by Christopher Shannon and Christopher Blum – David M. Emmons
Aristotle’s Ethics and Medieval Philosophy: Moral Goodness and Practical Wisdom by Anthony Celano – Matthew R. McWhorter

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