Break Dancing

Spring Break. If you believe the cable networks, it’s the time when college students cut loose and go wild. I haven’t seen the so-called reality shows, but I suspect that they’re as staged as anything on Broadway. Still, there is a kernel of truth, and it holds true even for professors. I know that I

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Turn, Turn, Turn

There are years when it’s a delight to turn the calendar pages, and this is one of them. I realize that not every place on the map experienced the epic storms we had in eastern Ohio, but many odd corners got at least a dusting of snow. It fell in forty-nine out of fifty United

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The Paschal Mystery

March of 2010 forces a columnist into a predicament. On the one hand, I’d like to talk about Lent — especially since so many have been experiencing a “long Lent” through the economic recession. On the other hand, much of Holy Week also falls in March, and it would seem wrong not to emphasize this

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Rome Sweet Home

Once upon a time, in a book title, I referred to Rome as “Sweet Home.” It’s a phrase that doesn’t grow old for me. After a quarter-century as a Catholic, I’ve lived here as much as I’ve lived anywhere. It’s home. When I say “Rome,” of course, I’m talking about this great Church — wherever

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Hope Springs Eternal

I have to admit to feeling a bit down this morning upon the realization that Christmastide is over and we have now entered Winter Ordinary Time (insert sigh). Driving to the office through the snow, I reflected that this part of the liturgical year is almost too well-named. Indeed, the first “ordinary” days of work

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