A Pilgrimage to Our Lady

The month of August is like a Marian pilgrimage to me. We trek halfway through the sunnier side of the month to reach Our Lady’s feast days, her glorious Assumption on August 15th and her Queenship a week later. Then we return home in the shadier half of the month, as the days get a

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Holy Father

So I found myself in Rome a second time this year. The first time I spent my days searching the Scriptures with young priests and future priests, seeding long lifetimes of future preaching and prayer. This time I was able to spend some time in conversation with an older priest who certainly doesn’t need my

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Fathers Forever

“You are a priest forever!” Catholics find joy in that verse, first uttered in the Old Testament and then echoed in the New. In Psalm 110 it refers to the Son of David—specifically to King Solomon, but also to all the men in his line who occupied the throne. They were not only kings, but

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