Archive | November, 2012

A True Thanksgiving

The turkey is thawing. Cars are being packed. Houses are being cleaned. I guess I’ve finally grown up because everybody’s on their way to my house this year. For the first time the Leonard family is hosting Thanksgiving. So while I don’t have to drive hours on end to distant lands in a van full

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An Act of Love by God!

“The point of the first three chapters of Genesis is to show us that creation was a deliberate, purposeful act of love by God. The world didn’t just happen. God wanted the world – not because He was lonely, not because there was anything He lacked or needed. God created the world because God is

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Matthew Leonard – What Do We Do Now?

The Saint Paul Center for Biblical Theology presents: Presidents come and go, but our path as Catholics remains clear. Matthew Leonard puts current events in perspective and reminds us of the fundamentals that must take place in order to transform our world.

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