Month: June 2019

In Defense of Nature, Benjamin Wiker, Catholic ecology, environment

The Eclipse of Nature: How to Recover Natural Wonder in a Screen-Dominated World

A great part of our problem today—for both the Left and the Right—is that we are in a strange condition of being abstracted from nature (including human nature itself) by science and technology. Generally speaking, the Left is abstracted from human nature, and the Right is abstracted from nature. As a result, we have created a culture that keeps us from discovering nature, a culture that deforms human nature from its very earliest stages.

Regis Martin, Witness to Wonder, Catholic Sacrament, blessed by creation

Creation as Sacrament

I will leave to the statisticians an exact inventory, but by my reckoning there are ninety-two references to creation in the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC), only six of which are less than glowing. And these few, testifying as they do to the disorders into which we have fallen, remind us of a good thing gone bad, that the evil we do is not the fault of anything God made, rather our willful and perverse misuse of it.