“I cannot begin to tell you how important the contribution you have made to this conference is to the future of not only my priesthood, but to the future of the Church!”

— Fr. Steve

“This is my third time attending a St. Paul Center Priest Conference and each time I experience the very best intellectual formation, great fraternity and a renewal of zeal for our Lord’s work.”

— Fr. Matt

“I learned so much during this conference and it has deepened my love for God, for my vocation and for the Church.”

— Fr. Clement

“I have found the presentations fan into flame and bring insight to my love of Scripture and the atmosphere most supportive and endearing to the Priesthood. It has been a blessing for me and I am most grateful.”

— Fr. Jim

“This week has been such a blessing for me. I have enjoyed the wonderful talks by our excellent speakers, the opportunity to meet Priests from different diocese, and the opportunity to relax and recline. It has been well needed, and I hope to come again!”

— Fr. Scott

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