Letter & Spirit Vol. 9: Christ and the Unity of Scripture makes accessible to clergy, students, and laity the finest Catholic biblical scholarship.
The St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology and Dr. Scott Hahn present the ninth annual edition of Letter & Spirit with the theme “Christ and the Unity of Scripture.” The seven highly-readable articles explore, from the Gospels of Matthew and John, to the letters of St. Paul, how the seemingly disparate themes and images are unified—and therefore properly understood—in Christ.
This volume includes:

  • “The Matthean Christ, Center of Salvation History” by Leroy Huizenga
  • “Jesus as the ‘Fulfillment’ of the Law and His Teaching on Divorce in Matthew” by Michael Patrick Barber
  • “‘These Least Brothers of Mine’: A Reappraisal of the Great Judgment Scene as Apocalyptic Retribution in Matthew 25:31-46” by William A. Bales
  • “The Last Supper and the Quest for Jesus” by Brant Pitre
  • “All Things in Wisdom: Reading the Prologue to the Gospel of John with St. Augustine” by William M. Wright IV
  • “Covenant Fulfillment in the Gospel of John” by Vincent P. DeMeo
  • “Fulfillment in Christ: The Priority of the Abrahamic Covenant in Paul’s Argument against the Galatian Opponents (Galatians 3:15-18)

Letter & Spirit seeks to foster a deeper conversation about the Bible. This journal of biblical theology, published in collaboration with Scott Hahn and the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology, takes a crucial step toward recovering the fundamental link between the literary and historical study of Scripture and its religious and spiritual meaning in the Church’s liturgy and Tradition.
Published annually, the Letter & Spirit journal is essential reading for clergy, students, and laity.

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Letter & Spirit, Vol. 9: Christ and the Unity of Scripture