The English edition of Nova et Vetera is published quarterly and provides an international forum for theological and philosophical studies from a Thomistic perspective. The journal strives to follow the culturally engaged, ecclesial, broadly Thomistic, and dialogical perspective of the founder of the Swiss Nova et Vetera, Charles Journet. Journet worked at the intersection of theology, philosophy, and biblical studies, and we seek to do the same.

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Nova et Vetera, Fall 2020 (Vol. 18, No. 4)

ISSN 1542-7315

Incredible Christianity: Toward a Post-Liberal Apologetic for the Historical Christ – Thomas A. Baima
Why Revelation Gives Shelter to Metaphysics – Guy Mansini, O.S.B.

Wisdom Be Attentive: The Noetic Structure of Sapiential Knowledge – Matthew K. Minerd
There Is a Wideness in God’s Justice – Daniel Philpott
Can Dead Faith Assent to God? A Brief Reflection on St. Thomas’s Account of the Relationship between Living and Lifeless Faith – Jeffrey M. Walkey

Symposium: Theological Exegesis: Scriptural Theology
Saint Thomas Aquinas Exegete of the Hexaemeron: Bible and Philosophy – Serge-Thomas Bonino, O.P.
God’s Passions: Unfitting Attributes? Aquinas on the Biblical God – Emmanuel Durand, O.P.
Between Poetic Justice and Poetic Mercy: God in the Flood Narrative (Genesis 6–7) – Jean-Pierre Sonnet, S.J.
Prosopological Exegesis and Christological Anagnorisis in Jesus’s Reading of Psalm 110 – Anthony Giambrone, O.P.
Is Nicene Trinitarianism “In” the Scriptures? – Lewis Ayres
The Presence of the Ascended Son in the Gospel of John – Markus Bockmuehl
On the Unity of the Two Testaments: In What Sense Is the Torah a Law for Christians? – Justin Schembri, O.P.
History, Illocution, and Theological Exegesis: Reading Paul’s Letter to Philemon – James B. Prothro
The Christology of Hebrews – Paolo Garuti, O.P.

Book Reviews
Dogma im Wandel: Wie Glaubenslehren sich entwickeln by Michael Seewald – Matthew Briel
That All Shall Be Saved: Heaven, Hell, and Universal Salvation by David Bentley Hart – Joshua R. Brotherton
That All Shall Be Saved: Heaven, Hell, and Universal Salvation by David Bentley Hart – Taylor Patrick O’Neill
Christ in the Life and Teaching of Gregory of Nazianzus by Andrew Hofer, O.P – Kevin M. Clarke
Conferences on the Six Days of Creation: The Illuminations of the Church by St. Bonaventure, translated by Jay M. Hammond – Gregory F. LaNave
Revelation, History, and Truth: A Hermeneutics of Dogma by Eduardo J. Echeverria – Michael McClymond
The Indissolubility of Marriage: Amoris Laetitia in Context by Matthew Levering – Tracey Rowland
The Holy Family: Model Not Exception by Mary Shivanandan – Deborah Savage

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Nova et Vetera, Fall 2020 (Vol. 18, No. 4)