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In 1974, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen stated that he intended to write a book about the demonic. But such a book never came to fruition. Now, some fifty years later, Sheen’s intended book has finally been compiled, all in his own words.

In On the Demonic, Sheen addresses the history of the demonic, how the devil manifested himself to Our Lord, how he has worked throughout the Church’s history, and how the Anti-Christ will come in the end times.

Though Sheen is not optimistic about world history, he is most optimistic about Jesus’ final victory: “There is one thing we do know. If Christ wins, we win!“


Perhaps the best-known cleric of his day, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen hosted his Emmy winning television show from 1951–1966 and authored dozens of books and countless newspaper articles and columns. On the Demonic is only the second of his books to be published posthumously. Sheen’s cause for canonization was opened in 2002.

Fr. Dave Tomaszycki currently serves as Priest Secretary to the Archbishop of Detroit.


“As with any struggle, it is important to know the character of one’s enemies and the strategies they pursue. Given that achieving eternal life is in the balance, such knowledge is supremely important in the struggle against Satan. So, Fr. Tomaszycki has done us a great favor by compiling in On the Demonic Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s wisdom about the nature of the Evil One, the signs of his activity, and our defenses against his wiles. In his lifetime, the Venerable Servant of God Fulton Sheen was renowned as an evangelist. Through this book he again offers us Good News—given what’s at stake, the best news—about the victory of Jesus Christ over ‘principalities and powers’ and how to make his triumph our own.”

Archbishop Allen Vigneron,
Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Detroit


“For a world that has abandoned God and relativized evil, this book could not be more needed. In his customary clarity and deep insights, Archbishop Fulton Sheen unmasks the demonic and its tactics that are ruining souls and ripping apart marriages, families, and the world itself. Moreover, Fulton Sheen reveals three powerful weapons to send the demons back to hell. This book should be in every Catholic household.”

Peter Howard, Founder of the Fulton Sheen Institute
and the Fulton Sheen Movement


“‘The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil’ (1 John 3:8). If that’s the truth, and Scripture does not lie, then it is crucial to understand that in the drama of human history there are not only two persons on the stage—God and us—but three: God, us, and the devil. But, as Fulton Sheen repeated over and over, we need not fear the devil, for Jesus is the stronger One and has defeated him out of love for us. This book is a treasure. It’s not only a compendium of everything Sheen wrote or said on the enemy of the human race, it is an immensely practical guide for warding him off in our own daily lives.”

Fr. John Riccardo,
Missionary and Executive Director of Acts XXIX


“We now have, in one volume, all of Sheen’s startling insights on the anti-creativity of Satan and the mystical body of the Anti-Christ. We have his diagnosis of the three signs of the demonic and our weapons against it. Nearly a half century after his death, our culture has continued its program of denying its Creator and the natural order of things. Today our post-Christian culture trains us to deny the evidence of our senses. Sheen foresaw the rise of an anti-humane world tyranny attacking the Church from without and the Church’s final conflict with evil marked by betrayal from within. Christ has secured our final victory, but Archbishop Sheen has helped us understand the war plan.”

Al Kresta, Host of Kresta in the Afternoon


“One obvious fact of the world in which we live is that evil is real. Demonic influence is on the rise, and that which once lay hidden in the shadows now flaunts itself openly. This new book from one of the twentieth century’s most gifted and holy communicators, Archbishop Fulton Sheen, is exactly the medicine we need. With his usual wit, wisdom, and incisive clarity, Sheen deftly diagnoses the role and roots of the demonic, ultimately pointing us to the remedy in Jesus Christ. Every serious Catholic should read this book.”

Sam Guzman,
Founder and Editor of

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  1. Vicky Tomaszycki

    A very providential work completed by Fr. Dave!

  2. pam swiderek

    Great job, Fr. Tom

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