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This leader guide supplement will serve as just that—a resource to guide the participants through the lessons, giving the leader step-by-step directives to guide the study. Every lesson contains suggested opening and closing prayers, a brief lesson introduction, and answers to the Review Questions. Since it is a supplement, it does not include material already in the study guide.

In addition, this supplement includes a “Common Prayers” downloadable handout for participants, an editable Bible and the Mass PDF promotional poster, and a bulletin announcement to help spread the word in your parish.

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10 reviews for Parousia: The Bible and the Mass Leader Guide Supplement (Downloadable PDF)

  1. mkrags

    i love what i have viewed of this study i have donated the disks to my Parish and we are possibly going to use them as our Lenten program.
    i would like to view the portion of the study that i haven’t seen on line.

  2. lisa g.

    I watched each episode as many times as I could before they were brought down. Enjoyed every one and it is amazing what I learned and I am a cradle catholic. Dr. Hahn is great. I’m glad I chose this !

  3. Sandra

    A great study of the mass. I am glad that I signed up for this. I feel that I now have a much better understanding of the beauty and wonderful gift that God has given us in the mass. Mr. Hahn goes through the topics very quickly and sometimes it is hard to keep up. I have had to go over each one about three times to fully understand them and to answer the questions. But they are very in depth and they have awakened in me a deeper love and reverence for the Eucharist. Thank you Mr. Hahn.

  4. Alvaro

    Thanks a lot, St paul Center, another great journey. totally clear and very easy to follow. Now, our time to live our mass

  5. Mercedes Bermudez-Garcia

    I am loving this study. I am a cradle catholic and I am fascinated by the way Scott finds in the New Testament things of the Old Testament. From his first book that I read from him years ago “Rome sweet home” that approach, has given me a new light in own faith. It is necessary for us to know the scriptures deeply so that no one is able to confuse us. I am convinced, it is the only way to truly understand God’s plan for us. I purchased the the study guide and find it super helpful. I teach CCD and hope to convey to my students what I am learning here. Thank you Holy Spirit for bringing this into my social media feed! Blessings to you for offering this beautiful gift for free this Lenten Season.

  6. GM

    I can understand why some people may have a hard time processing this topic. I would recommend anyone who is not fully familiar with Scott Hahn to read the Lambs Supper and Consuming the Word. Then come back to the series. Scott Hanh approach to scripture has been instrumental in my journey back to the church. Lastly, Lastly, pray that the Holy Spirit soften our hearts so we may see Him thru Scripture.

  7. tjhavranek1

    I am enjoying this study very much and it is helping me to have a much deeper understanding of the Mass. This is what I had hoped it would do. I purchased the study guide and have found it to be very useful. My approach has been to read the study guide lesson summaries and the associated Scripture versus before watching the videos. I also, try to answer the questions as best I can before watching the vides using the information contained in the lesson summary and Scripture versus. I have found that this helps draw me deeper into the videos. After the videos and go back and review my previous answers and revise them as necessary.

    I have been aware with Dr. Hahn’s work for over 25 years, and purchased a number of his initial lectures when they were available only on cassette. Over the years I have acquired number of his books including The Lambs Supper and Consuming the Word which are among the recommended reading for this study. These lectures and books no doubt helped to prepare me for the Parousia study. However, I do think it is possible to obtain a great deal of knowledge, understanding and most importantly a deeper appreciation of the Mass by watching the lectures and working through the study guide.

    I highly recommend this study to anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of the Mass and the role of liturgy in Christian worship.

  8. Dana Sweet

    Hi Nancy, That sounded a little harsh, and I UNDERSTAND! I am in a small group for the Bishop Barron Lenten GOSPEL Reflections. These strong women of faith are guiding me through each day. I am constantly looking up terms. That is great! I am recently exploring my re-entry to Catholicism. Parousia is a challenge for me! But when something is difficult and I want to quit, I know this is what I need!
    I am very grateful Dr. Scott Hahn came into my social media feed! I would love to start a small group study with you and anyone interested in Parousia. We are here for a reason! I will check back to see if any interest! I am beyond grateful! Dana Sweet

  9. Kevin Donahoe

    H i, I am also a cradle Catholic and fortunately have decent understanding of the bible. I am loving this study and finding it very spiritually enriching. Praise the Lord for Scott Hahn sharing his knowledge!

  10. Nancy Gundelach

    I would not recommend this study if you do not already have a grasp on “High Theology”.

    I have watched and listened to the first 2 lessons of Parousia. I have watched them a couple times each as they are very scriptural and I don’t grasp what he is saying. I am a cradle Catholic, That means I wasn’t raised on memorizing Bible versus. With having said that, I still signed up for Parousia. I have always heard that Dr. Scott Hahn is a wonderful teacher and, since I’ve never taken a class by him, I thought this would be great for Lent.

    This video is very difficult for me to follow. He goes back and forth through Bible passages so quickly and the terminology isn’t always understandable. I will stop the videos to look up some of the terms he uses so I can understand better. I wish these workbooks had an answer guide in the back. The majority of Bible classes I’ve previously taken have had explanations/answers at the end of the study. This workbook does not. What it does offer is a leader guide for an additional $20! I am on a limited budge and I’ve already paid $25 for the workbook. I’m doing this class on my own and am now stuck with not understanding what he is saying. I never studied Theology.

    I look at this as nothing but greed. In addition to the leader guide cost, he also mentions supplemental reading of books he’s written. None of which I have. I am so very disappointed in this study! Is this study for people to grow closer to God through understanding the scriptures or is it to line the pockets of Scott Hahn?! From now on, I will stick to Bishop Barron, Edward Sri, Jeff Cavins, etc. videos, books, sermons and Bible study classes.

    I apologize for sounding so harsh but I feel that people who might be struggling, like myself, with this study have no way to get an explanation to questions without having to pay an extra $20! Very sad.

    • Louis

      Hi Nancy,

      I’m sorry you’re disappointed with the study. The leader guide supplement contains additional materials intended for people who are leading groups, and the supplemental reading, likewise, is an option for people looking to cover more than what’s in the videos, but I can understand your frustration when you’re doing the study on your own and just looking for some help with the study guide questions. I will pass your feedback on to our director of lay programs.

      In addition to these supplemental materials, we’re posting free weekly videos to YouTube with answers to questions submitted by participants. The video for lessons 1 and 2 is here:

      Questions can be submitted in the form at the bottom of the streaming page:

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