“Pope Benedict XVI, writing in 1988 as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, described Matthias Joseph Scheeben’s theology as justly praised, but rather less read. My modest hope, through this entirely straightforward study, is to encourage some more—in a phrase Scheeben would relish—ecclesially fruitful reading of him in the English-speaking world.”—From the Author’s Preface


Romance and System: The Theological Synthesis of Matthias Joseph Scheeben by Aidan Nichols, OP, is a comprehensive introduction to one of the most significant dogmatic theologians of recent centuries.

Exploring the vigor, coherence, and beauty of Scheeben’s theological vision, Nichols concludes that the great German theologian’s work combines “romance and system”: a lyrical appeal to the imagination and a virile challenge to the intellect, the inspiration of metaphor and the conceptual power of an architectonic account of the revelation carried by the Church.

Romance and System examines the major themes of Scheeben’s works and underscores their preeminence in Catholic dogmatic theology.


Aidan Nichols, OP, a Dominican priest an acclaimed theologian, served as the first John Paul II Memorial Visiting Lecturer at the University of Oxford from 2006-2008. He is the author of numerous books including Lovely Like JerusalemConciliar OctetFiguring Out the ChurchRome and the Eastern ChurchesThe Thought of Benedict XVI and The Theologian’s Enterprise.

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January 2021



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Romance and System: The Theological Synthesis of Matthias Joseph Scheeben