El saludo de una madre: Scott Hahn reflexiona sobre el 4º Domingo de Adviento

Download Audio FileEn este último domingo antes de Navidad, la liturgia de la Iglesia revela la verdadera identidad de nuestro Redentor: Él es, como dice la primera lectura, el gobernador…cuyos orígenes son antiguos, desde tiempos remotos. Ha de salir de Belén, donde nació David, hijo de Jesé el de Efrata, y fue ungido rey (cfr.

A Mother’s Greeting: Scott Hahn Reflects on the Fourth Sunday of Advent

Download Audio FileOn this last Sunday before Christmas, the Church’s Liturgy reveals the true identity of our Redeemer: He is, as today’s First Reading says, the “ruler…whose origin is from…ancient times.” He will come from Bethlehem, where David was born of Jesse the Ephrathite and anointed king (see Ruth 4:11–17; 1 Samuel 16:1–13; 17:1; Matthew

The Nativity: the Sanctuary of Our Souls

This Nativity scene, partly unfinished and also damaged, was painted in the 1470’s by Piero della Francesca. He is a seer into the invisible world. Though with his sense of realism he is fully in this world, he is not of this world. He gives us a glimmer of another world far deeper and infinitely

The Transforming Power of Prayer

The four talks in this collection on prayer were delivered at the annual Applied Biblical Studies Conference and the Defending the Faith Conference at Franciscan University of Steubenville. The two talks from Scott Hahn unpack the biblical roots of our life of prayer and communion with God. Ralph Martin draws from St. John Paul II

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Rekindle the Fire Men’s Conference

February 16, 2019 Come experience Christ’s love through life-changing talks by nationally known Catholic speakers including Dr. Scott Hahn, Confession, Eucharistic adoration, and Mass with Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades. Trying to be a faithful Christian man in today’s world is challenging. But while it feels like there’s an unending assault of negative forces attacking us and our families, Christ

Why Nero Goes Down as One of the Worst Villains in History

Pilate was a waffling dupe. Judas was a tortured soul who didn’t have the courage to repent. But perhaps no villain in Christian legend comes out as completely and utterly villainous as Nero. He isn’t just a sinner who made the wrong choice: in much of Christian legend, and even theology, he is literally the

Birth Control and the Blessed Trinity

Many people feel it’s impossible, even pointless, to try to understand the Trinity. They feel it’s either an unsolvable puzzle, like a square circle, or an abstraction up in the clouds somewhere. For others, it’s an article of faith, and that’s enough for them. “It’s a mystery,” they shrug, and turn back to the football

Was Jesus from Bethlehem?: A Biblical Look at Jesus’ Hometown

Nazareth has a slightly enigmatic history within the Bible. We read about Nazareth in the Gospels but nowhere else in all of Scripture. Furthermore, the picture of Nazareth that the Gospels paint is not entirely clear. Mark simply states that Jesus came from Nazareth in Galilee (1:9).