Year: 2011

“To us, Christ is all!”

Today is the memorial of St. Ambrose, bishop of Milan at the end of the fourth century.  Meet the simple, straight-forward style of St. Ambrose as Patristics scholar and St. Paul Center vice president, Mike Aquilina, discusses the life and legacy of this important Saint.  

‘And with Your Spirit’

What is the biggest change in the new translation of the Mass? As Mike Aquilina explains, the biggest difference may be from the smallest change. ‘And with Your Spirit’ The big difference in a little phrase By Mike Aquilina – The Priest, 6/1/2011 A reporter called to interview me about the new translation of the …

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Advent 2011: Extraordinary Time

This is no ordinary Advent. The Holy Father is treating this time as a moment of great historical significance. It’s the time of the new evangelization. In recent months Pope Benedict has spoken and acted with great urgency about the matter. He established a dicastery in the Vatican to oversee new evangelistic efforts. He summoned …

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John Bergsma on the Dead Sea Scrolls

Dr. Michael Barber explores the Dead Sea Scrolls with Dr. John Bergsma, looking specifically at why Catholics should find them interesting. You can find Dr. Bergsma’s audio series on the Scrolls here.  

Great Time at the Shrine

Dr. Hahn and I had the pleasure of visiting and speaking at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Crosse, Wisconsin, this weekend.  A crowd of 400 came out to make the Marian pilgrimage, and hear talks on Confession and Eucharist, and receive those very sacraments.  The Shrine, built by the people of …

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