January 2020

Scott Hahn at the International Theology of the Body Congress

Join Scott Hahn and some of the foremost Theology of the Body experts and enthusiasts from around the world in Cleveland, Ohio for the 4th International TOB Congress hosted by the TOB Institute. Our theme, “That We Might Have Sight” will explore the beauty and power of TOB to bring healing and sight to the blindness of our modern culture, as well as our own hearts.

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agony in the garden, silence in spiritual life

The Role of Silence in a Life of Faith

In my role as the director of a silent hermitage retreat center, I am convinced that if there is one area where many of Christ’s followers neglect to imitate Him, it is in the regular practice of going away to a deserted place to spend time in silence with Our Creator. We imitate Him in other ways. We’re baptized. We participate in the re-presentation of the Lord’s Supper each Sunday. We receive Christ through His Word and the Eucharist. We practice charity, supporting others in need. But many, many of us fail to imitate Christ in the practice of withdrawing regularly as He did, to the desert, and as he invited his disciples to do as well.

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The Bible and the Fathers

It was the Bible that made me read the Fathers.

When I was studying for the Presbyterian ministry, I wanted to understand the world where Jesus lived and where the apostles preached. I wanted to defend the New Testament canon against its latest round of challenges, for example against those who would place the newfound “Gnostic Gospels” on the same footing as Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

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Mary, Mother of God

Mother and Queen

No one treats Mary like a queen more than Catholics. We honor her as our royal mother in numerous ways. We sing the famous “Hail Holy Queen enthroned above . . .” When we pray the Rosary, we honor Mary as the crowned queen in the fifth glorious mystery. All over the world, statues and paintings express the Blessed Mother’s royal office by portraying her with a crown on her head. We even have a special feast day dedicated specifically to celebrate her queenship over heaven and earth (August 22).  

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