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Genesis on Gender and Marriage

Genesis on Gender and the Covenant of Marriage

By John and Claire Grabowski The opening chapters of Genesis are foundational for Jews and Christians. They give us a basic understanding of God, the world, ourselves, and the nature of our relationship to Him. The creation of human beings, male and female, is central to these chapters. In the first, or Priestly, story of

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Theology of the Body: Beyond the Bedroom

Theology of the Body Beyond the Bedroom

Right now, a good many minds are at work fleshing out the theology of the body’s theological and philosophical subtleties: how it builds on Karol Wojtyla’s earlier scholarship, how it responds to Scheler, how Garrigou-Lagrange’s influence runs through it. That’s good.

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The First Society

The idea of the atom—an indivisible, discrete unit of matter—was postulated as far back as the ancient world. Scientists only discovered real evidence for the theory in the early nineteenth century, and for the better part of one hundred years they supposed atoms were the smallest particles in the universe.

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One Flock: Scott Hahn Reflects on the Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Download Audio FileAs the Twelve return from their first missionary journey in today’s Gospel, our readings continue to reflect on the authority and mission of the Church. Jeremiah says in the First Reading that Israel’s leaders, through godlessness and fanciful teachings, had misled and scattered God’s people. He promises God will send a shepherd, a

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A Model of Devotion, a Model for the Priesthood

We have already seen the breadth of the Universal Doctor’s intellect, his profound humility, and his devotion to prayer. All of these virtues combine into what Pope Pius XI, and many other popes, consider to be one of the greatest theologians of all time. In his 1923 encyclical Studiorum Ducem, Pope Pius XI offers St. Thomas

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John’s Revelation: Toward the Everlasting City

In the Book of Revelation, John’s spectacular visions of renewal can provide joyful reassurance in times of crisis and upheaval. But neither does he lack any of the somber realism of Isaiah’s watchman who reminds us that “morning comes, and also the night” (Is 21:12).

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