“Ignorance of Scripture is Ignorance of Christ

- St. Jerome

From the moment of our baptism, we’re called to be disciples - to know, love, and serve the Lord. To absorb God’s word through Sacred Scripture, to bring Christ into our families and our communities. Are you ready to know and love more?  

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Digital short courses highlight the Emmaus Academy experience, but it doesn’t stop there. St. Paul Center Original Series offer an opportunity to share with others, while Emmaus Road book studies help you plan your next small group activity – with helpful videos from the authors themselves!

Short Courses

Short Courses

Short Courses

Featuring instructors such as Scott Hahn, John Bergsma, Joan Watson, and more, these courses will enhance your understanding of Sacred Scripture and your Catholic faith.

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Book Studies

Book Studies

Get more in depth with your favorite Catholic authors and books such as The Fulfillment of All Desire by Ralph Martin.


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Original Content

Hungry for more? Watch our exclusive content such as Understanding our Father presented by Scott Hahn.

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Course Samples

Scott Hahn

The Most Influential Writer in History
(from Introduction to St. Paul)

Presented by Scott Hahn

Joan Watson

Women in Scripture

Presented by Joan Watson

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What is the Emmaus Academy?

Scott Hahn’s vision, through the St. Paul Center, has been to ignite a passionate eye-opening for Sacred Scripture in everyone – from Priests to laity. The further expansion of that vision continues through our new digital platform – Emmaus Academy. Your knowledge and love of Scripture and the faith can only grow as you participate in online short courses and book studies taught by leading Catholic voices!

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No, this is the purchase of a product/service and not a donation; however, when you support this effort financially, you’re supporting the overall mission of the St. Paul Center. We need people like you to purchase our programs so we can continue to open the Scriptures to every priest, seminarian, and in every home! Your support enables us to continue creating powerful content.

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Yes! And you’ll save money when you do. For $270 you can get the Gold Support annual package - a savings of $30 off the monthly price.

“It would be a strange God who could be loved better by being known less … for every new thing known about God is a new reason for loving Him.”

Frank Sheed
Theology and Sanity