Month: July 2018

Mary, Our Mother

We carefully differentiate between veneration of Mary, which is good and right, and adoration of Mary, which the Catholic Church condemns as idolatry. For Protestants, worship consists of songs, prayer, and a sermon.

Defending Humanae Vitae 50 Years Later

Over the last three decades, Dr. Janet E. Smith has been among the world’s preeminent voices in the study of Pope Paul VI’s 1968 encyclical letter Humanae Vitae. Her scholarship has become a trusted source of interpretation of this landmark teaching on married love, sexuality, and the transmission of life.

Marriage and the Common Good

Dr. Scott Hahn has often talked on why the topic of marriage is so important in our culture today. Thanks to his book The First Society: The Sacrament of Matrimony and the Restoration of the Social Order, the conversation on the importance of sacramental marriages has gained popularity.

How Natural Law Applies to Contraception

Applying Natural Law to Contraception

There is no single “official” way of understanding how contraception violates the natural law. Indeed, there are different, sometimes conflicting, theories held by Catholic scholars on this question. Assessing their differences would bring us far afield, but the mere fact of variation in approach is not an argument against the natural law, for all orthodox writers agree on the basic content.

Theology of the Body: Beyond the Bedroom

Theology of the Body Beyond the Bedroom

Right now, a good many minds are at work fleshing out the theology of the body’s theological and philosophical subtleties: how it builds on Karol Wojtyla’s earlier scholarship, how it responds to Scheler, how Garrigou-Lagrange’s influence runs through it. That’s good.

The First Society

The idea of the atom—an indivisible, discrete unit of matter—was postulated as far back as the ancient world. Scientists only discovered real evidence for the theory in the early nineteenth century, and for the better part of one hundred years they supposed atoms were the smallest particles in the universe.