Spring 2024

Yes, Scott—

Yes, Scott, I want to help you spread the light of Christ and dispel the darkness of our time. Here is my tax-deductible gift to the St. Paul Center


Breaking the Bread: A Biblical Devotional for Catholics Year B
By Scott Hahn and Ken Ogorek
(Hardcover, a $23 Value)

In this book, authors Scott Hahn and Brandon McGinley address all Christians who feel ill at ease in the modern world. They propose that the biblical model that makes sense of our situation is exile. We do not feel at home here for a very good reason: because our true home is in heaven. But that should not lead us to an other-worldly rejection of the societies where we live. We are sent as pilgrims and apostles with a mission to bless the city where we find ourselves until God gives us rest.


We Have a Pope
Written by Katherine Bogner,
Illustrated by Kortnee Sen
(Hardcover, a $18 Value)

This is a gorgeously illustrated children’s book by beloved author Katherine Bogner and illustrator Kortnee Senn.  In We Have a Pope, children will discover the history of the papacy and how a new pope is chosen. See inside the walls of the Sistine Chapel and watch from St. Peter’s square as the whole Catholic Church looks for white smoke and waits to hear the words “Habemus papam”—we have a pope!

To Whom Shall We Go

To Whom Shall We Go?: The Biblical Case for the Catholic Church
By Thomas J. Nash
(Softcover, a $16 Value)

In this book Nash makes a series of compelling biblical and historical arguments for the truth and beauty of the Catholic faith. With a clear focus on the centrality of Christ, he presents the biblical foundations and the logical reasons for trusting the divine origin of the Catholic Church, her teaching authority, her message of salvation, the fundamental importance of the Blessed Sacrament, and the living presence in her of the angels and saints.

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