“Stewards of the Mysteries” Campaign

Reading the Bible From the Heart of the Church

For more than fifteen years, the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology has promoted life-transforming Catholic Scripture study. We produce study tools and devotional resources—from books and journals to multimedia and online programming.

Founded in 2001 by Dr. Scott Hahn, the Center equips all Catholics—laity, priests, religious, seminarians, and catechists—to more deeply understand Sacred Scripture and to participate more fully in the life and liturgy of the Church.

Our mission is to promote biblical literacy for lay people and biblical fluency for clergy and teachers, so that all Catholics can read the Bible from the heart of the Church.

Stewards of the Mysteries

St. Paul desired that he and his companions be known not just as “servants of Christ,” but also as “stewards of the mysteries of God.” We too desire this title and role, and take from it inspiration for the Center’s future plans.
To foster biblical literacy among the laity and biblical fluency among priests, we will maintain our production of resources that educate Catholics and increase their understanding of Scripture. To encourage deeper conversion of the faithful, we will provide more accessible resources to accommodate those for whom conventional Bible studies are neither practical nor possible. To better serve our priests and provide them with ongoing support, we will continue to create not only resources, but networks for clergy, so they receive lifelong, edifying formation that fuels their ministry and builds up their flocks. To address the catechetical crisis in the Church today, we will develop better resources for parishes, classrooms, and homes, so every child has an opportunity to learn the Faith well and every adult can embrace it—even amidst a hostile culture. To invite fallen-away Catholics back to the Church, we will build a stronger online presence to seek out those who aren’t next to us in the pews at Church each Sunday.

Scripture Study for a New Generation

The flagship program in the St. Paul Center’s lay outreach is Journey Through Scripture. Grounded in both Divine Revelation and contemporary Christian experience, it reaches tens of thousands of participants each year via parish small groups and online video studies.

  • 33,000 participants viewed The Bible and the Virgin Mary in the first three months after its 2015 release.
  • In 2017, 67,000 participated in the free, online streaming of The Bible and the Sacraments during the first month alone.
  • Our goal is to have 100,000 participants in the first year of our next release, Genesis to Jesus, which will be filmed through donor support.

  • Journey Through Scripture Studies

    Responding to the ever-increasing demand for high-quality digital content, the St. Paul Center is producing a series of dynamic video Bible studies designed for personal or group study. Three studies have already been released and three more are written and being produced—and this is just the beginning.

    Currently Available
    The Bible and the Virgin Mary
    The Bible and the Sacraments
    Genesis to Jesus

    The Bible and the Mass
    The Bible and Prayer
    The Bible and the Church Fathers

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    Evangelizing the “Digital Continent”

    Today’s Catholics are desperate for high-quality and accessible resources to help deepen their faith. We intend to meet this need and continue reaching out to those who can be found on what Pope Benedict XVI called the “digital continent.”

    Audio Resources

    With our studio we produce audio books, weekly Bible reflections, lectures, and “St. Paul Center Presents,” the weekly Relevant Radio program hosted by Vice President of Programs Rob Corzine. The Art of Catholic Podcast St. Paul Center Executive Producer Matthew Leonard hosts a regular podcast that features a wide range of guests who discuss matters of prayer, theology, and more. The podcast has been downloaded by over 150,000 listeners.

    The Promise and Fulfillment Series

    The St. Paul Center will soon release a new series of presentations by our founder and president, Dr. Scott Hahn. A renowned scholar, teacher, and convert, Dr. Hahn encourages and educates listeners, both Catholic and non-Catholic. The forthcoming Promise and Fulfillment Series represents the best of his teaching.
    Presentations include “Lord Have Mercy,” “Understanding Our Father,” and “First Comes Love.”

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    Emmaus Road Publishing

    For almost twenty years, Emmaus Road Publishing has produced books that address relevant issues with the insights of Church teaching. In an age when many traditional publishers are struggling, Emmaus Road is thriving. In 2016 alone, Emmaus Road distributed more than 70,000 books.
    The St. Paul Center’s publishing arm, Emmaus Road, produces works that meet the intellectual and spiritual needs of today’s Catholics. We are committed to publishing powerful, beautiful books that the faithful need, and we sell them at prices they can afford.

    Browse Recent Emmaus Road Titles

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    Shaping Catechesis, Catholic Education, and the Academy

    Nowhere is there a greater need for faithful research than in Catholic education—particularly in seminaries and Catholic universities. The St. Paul Center is uniquely positioned to help lead a revival of Catholic scholarship in seminaries and universities. We have recruited a wide network of Fellows—academics in higher education throughout the world—who assist the Center in developing resources. Our academic projects are vital to the Center’s mission, as they further the authentic teaching and preaching of the Faith.

    Scholarly Journals

    Letter & Spirit, published annually, brings together leading Scripture scholars who undertake the task of continuing faithful, groundbreaking research in the field of Biblical Theology.
    The English edition of Nova et Vetera is published quarterly and provides an international forum for theological and philosophical studies from a Thomistic perspective.


    For many priests and seminarians, access to multiple biblical translations, commentaries, and other useful theological texts is cost prohibitive and hard to come by. In collaboration with software creator Verbum, the Center is curating the most-advanced digital Scripture study resource in the world. The St. Paul Center Verbum Package will not only include all of the publications from Emmaus Road Publishing, Emmaus Academic, and the St. Paul Center, but thousands of other texts that will empower clergy to become more effective preachers and to deepen their spiritual and theological understanding.


    The St. Paul Center supports Catholic theologians whose work enables priests, professors, and students to fully embrace the teachings of the Church. Through a grant from the St. Paul Center, Dr. Brant Pitre researched and wrote Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist (Doubleday, 2011) and Jesus and the Last Supper (Eerdmans, 2015). Funding similar research projects will improve the broader culture of scholarship—and raise the visibility of the Center among academics.

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    Emmaus Academic

    Emmaus Academic is committed to the very highest in academic standards and to the Catholic idea that truth is ultimately translatable across schools of thought and disciplines. It therefore aims to publish books that work across the boundaries between theology, Scripture, philosophy, history, linguistics, anthropology, and the other disciplines of the modern academy.

    Recent Emmaus Academic Titles

    Fulfilled in Christ: The Sacraments: A Guide to Symbols and Types in the Bible and Tradition by Fr. Devin Roza
    Reading the Sermons of Thomas Aquinas: A Beginner’s Guide by Randall B. Smith
    Before Church and State: A Study of Social Order in the Sacramental Kingdom of St. Louis IX by Andrew Willard Jones

    Faith Comes From What Is Heard by Lawrence Feingold has been hailed as a landmark achievement in Fundamental Theology. The initial print run sold out within two weeks of its release because many seminary professors in the United States have adopted the book as a principal text for their courses. The impact this book will have on the next generation of priests is incalculable.

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    Conferences: Igniting the Hearts of the Faithful

    A significant component of the St. Paul Center’s mission has always been to support and instruct priests, professors, scholars, and catechists within the Church. This focus was born of the realization that the formation of those who form others is of utmost importance for the success of the new evangelization. An effective way that we have become the “teacher of teachers” is through our regular conferences.

    Summer Institute

    For many years, the St. Paul Center has organized a Summer Institute that brings together doctoral students for a four-day intellectual retreat. The attendees will be the future teachers of our clergy and catechists. Not only does the Institute encourage the intellectual development of the next generation of scholars, it builds a network of friends—a network that assists its members in their professional lives as they go on to teach at Catholic schools and seminaries.

    Priests Conferences

    Every year the St. Paul Center hosts two conferences for priests. Featuring our Founder and President Scott Hahn and other great scholars, such as John Bergsma, Fr. Pablo Gadenz, Tim Gray and Ralph Martin, our priest conferences offer a unique opportunity for fellowship and formation.

    Academic Conferences

    While the annual Applied Biblical Studies Conference has long been a prominent event for the St. Paul Center and our Fellows, we believe that more academic conferences will aid Catholic scholars and pastors by allowing relevant topics to be discussed openly. Secular media and academics have for too long spoken erroneously on behalf of the Church, and the St. Paul Center wants to provide a platform for the true teachings of the Church to be heard.

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    Stewards of the Mysteries

    The St Paul Center is embarking on a $6 million campaign that will finance each of these areas of our outreach:

    Journey Through Scripture $4,000,000
    Emmaus Academic $700,000
    Resources for Priests, including Conferences, Verbum, and More $500,000
    Emmaus Road Publishing $225,000
    Audio Resources $200,000
    Grants & Fellowships $200,000
    Graduate Student Program $175,000

    Gifts Needed

    The St. Paul Center has been blessed by the generous gifts of stock, cash, and bequests from a number of supporters. We are currently more than two-thirds of the way to reaching our goal.

    Gift Range Gifts Goal Gifts Received Dollars Raised Dollar Goal
    $1,000,000 2 2 $2,000,000 $2,000,000
    $500,000 2 2 $1,000,000 $1,000,000
    $250,000 2 1 $250,000 $500,000
    $100,000 8 5 $500,000 $800,000
    $50,000 12 3 $150,000 $600,000
    $25,000 20 10 $250,000 $500,000
    $10,000 30 19 $190,000 $300,000
    $ 5,000 40 21 $105,000 $200,000
    less than $5,000 all others 57 $55,183 $100,000
    $4,500,183 $6,000,000

    Naming Opportunities Available

    To Make a Gift, Please Contact

    Ken Baldwin, Executive Director at 616-204-3301 or kenbaldwin@stpaulcenter.com

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    St. Paul Center at a Glance

    Journey Through Scripture

    The Center’s live and video Journey Through Scripture programs enable lay Catholics to lead groups in Scripture studies on the Mass, the Sacraments, Prayer, and more.


    Emmaus Road Publishing and Emmaus Academic produce books that engage the hearts and minds of today’s Catholics. Both imprints, in different ways, make the treasury of Church teaching accessible to new audiences.

    Academic Journals

    The Center produces journals that are indispensable to the revival of Biblical Theology within the Church, including Letter & Spirit and Nova et Vetera.

    Conferences and Retreats

    We sponsor many events each year: annual retreats, conferences, pilgrimages, and regional gatherings. These too are effective ways to reach clergy, laity, seminarians, and students with rich biblical teaching.

    Free Resources

    The Center’s monthly guide to the Sunday Mass readings, Breaking the Bread, assists priests in their homily preparation and the laity in understanding the themes of Scripture. Our online studies provide an opportunity for in-depth, personal Scripture study.

    Promise and Fulfillment

    Our new video initiative brings great speakers into your home with high-quality video of the speakers you love. If you can't get to a conference (or simply can't get to enough conferences), you can still deepen your understanding of the Faith with these powerful talks that make you feel like you're there.

    Our Initiatives

    Our Impact

    “The St. Paul Center has made a massive contribution to the life of the Church. The Center has taught Catholics once again how to read the Bible in a way that reveals its fire. It is helping unleash its power to clergy and evangelizers, effecting change in the Church and wider society.”
    —Bishop Robert Barron
    Archdiocese of Los Angeles, St. Paul Center Senior Fellow

    “Oh my goodness, I am astounded by [Bible and the Sacraments]! I would have stayed in the Catholic Church had I known these things. . . . I’m in awe. . . . It all makes sense to me now. I can’t wait to watch the rest of the lessons!”
    — Lynn

    “The rich material and resources that you make available on your website are incredible, and I have been using them on my own journey to draw closer to the Lord and gain a deeper understanding of my Catholic faith.”
    — Andy
    Promise & Fulfillment audience member

    “My kids and I couldn’t put Into the Sea, Out of the Tomb down. The artwork in The Old and the New series is beautiful. I have never seen the parallels between the Old Testament and the New explained so clearly.”
    — Cathy

    “I predict that within a decade, the publications of Emmaus Academic—ranging from previously untranslated classic texts by Aquinas and Scheeben, to major books and journal articles by leading Catholic theologians and philosophers—will have catapulted the press to a position of eminence within theological publishing in the English-speaking world.”
    — Matthew Levering
    James N. and Mary D. Perry Jr. Chair of Theology, Mundelein Seminary,
    St. Paul Center Distinguished Fellow

    “The conference was great! Solid formation and reflection in the Word is the food that we need as priests! It brought home to me once again the great, great need to bring such formation and biblical literacy to my flock.”
    — Fr. Dan

    “It was an honor and a pleasure to meet so many of my favorite authors and to spend a little time hearing from Dr. Hahn about all of the wonderful accomplishments of the St. Paul Center. Already looking forward to next year!”
    — Angel

    “Lawrence Feingold’s new book on Fundamental Theology is one of the finest treatments of this subject in English. His presentation is entirely faithful to the Magisterium and he writes in a clear and accessible manner.”
    — Robert L. Fastiggi
    Professor of Systematic Theology, Sacred Heart Major Seminary