How Can We Understand Transcendence of the Ego?

Nova et Vetera, Spring 2019 (Vol. 17, No. 2)

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Spring 2019 Vol. 17, No. 2

ISSN 1542-7315

Anointing of the Sick: The Sanctification of Human Suffering – Romanus Cessario, O.P.
We Are Not God: Reflections on the Theology of Laudato Si – Reinhard Hutter
Marian Faith in a Time of Crisis – Michele M. Schumacher

Symposium: Person, Soul, and Consciousness
Taking Matters Personally: Papers from “Person, Soul, and Consciousness,” the 2017 Dominican Colloquium in Berkeley – Bryan Kromholtz, O.P.
Union and Indwelling – Eleonore Stump
Response to Eleonore Stump’s “Union and Indwelling” – Steven A. Long
How Can We Understand Transcendence of the Ego? – Bas C. van Fraassen
The Transcendence of the Self in Light of the Hard Problem: A Response to Bas van Fraassen – Ted Peters
The Hypostatic Union: Personhood, Consciousness, and Knowledge – Thomas G. Weinandy, O.F.M. Cap.
Persons, Pronouns, and Perfections: A Response to Thomas Weinandy’s “The Hypostatic Union: Personhood, Consciousness, and Knowledge” – Anselm Ramelow, O.P.
How to Keep the Non-Reductive in Nonreductive Physicalism? – Nancey Murphy
“How to Keep the Non-Reductive in Nonreductive Physicalism?” by Nancey Murphy: An Appreciative Response – Robert John Russell
Personhood and Recognition – Markus Rothhaar
Routes Toward Personhood: Response to Markus Rothhaar – Richard Schenk, O.P.
The Word Breathes Forth Love: The Psychological Analogy for the Trinity and the Complementarity of Intellect and Will – Lawrence Feingold
A Deeper Unity: Response to Feingold on the Psychological Analogy for the Trinity – D.C. Schindler
Action, Supposit, and Subject: Interpreting Actiones Sunt Suppositorum – Brian T. Carl
The Human Person as Believer – Joseph Gamache

Book Reviews
Jesus, Interpreted: Benedict XVI, Bart Ehrman, and the Historical Truth of the Gospels by Matthew Ramage – Andrew D. Swafford
Commentary on Thomas Aquinas’s Virtue Ethics by J. Budziszewski – Raymond Hain
A Theology of Grace in Six Controversies by Edward T. Oakes, S.J – Joshua R. Brotherton
The Personalism of John Henry Newman by John F. Crosby – Elizabeth Huddleston
Engaging the Doctrine of Creation: Cosmos, Creatures, and the Wise and Good Creator by Matthew Levering – Gavin Ortlund
Theology Needs Philosophy: Acting Against Reason in Contrary to the Nature of God by Matthew L. Lamb – David L. Augustine
Aquinas and the Theology of the Body: The Thomistic Foundations of John Paul II’s Anthropology by Thomas Petri, O.P – Angela Franks
Justice as a Virtue: A Thomistic Perspective by Jean Porter – Jason Heron
The Sermon on the Mount and Moral Theology: A Virtue Perspective by William C. Mattison III – Michael A. Wahl

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