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The Pursuit of Happiness and the Ten Commandments

When you hear the word “commandment,” what first comes to mind? I suspect many of us think of a list of rules or “thou shalt nots.” When you hear the word “morality,” you may think of a code of conduct that limits our freedom and, well, fun. When asked once why he was studying the

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The One Church of Christ, Stephen Hipp, Vatican II

Understanding Vatican II and the One Church of Christ

The Catholic Church, precisely on account of what sets her apart from every other community of faith, stands toward them as a foundation, root and source of the supernatural life that is common to them. A basic appreciation of this dynamism demands an etiological analysis. The question to be answered is this: how is the

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The Creed, Scott Hahn,

Walking the Walk: A Guide for the Pilgrim Church on Earth

Singer-songwriter Rich Mullins earned lasting fame with a series of contemporary Christian hits in the 1980s and 1990s. In less than a decade, he won a dozen Dove Awards. His anthem “Awesome God” remains a staple of evangelical praise. Mullins’ early music was influenced by his Quaker upbringing, which was austerely anti-dogmatic, and his “Independent

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philosophy, virtue ethics, on love and virtue

The Return to Virtue

The last forty years have witnessed a remarkable and growing interest in virtue ethics. Moral theologians have rightly celebrated this new interest and encouraged it. Students of Aquinas have especially welcomed this interest, because the return to virtue ethics offers opportunities for the renewal of moral theology along Thomistic lines. At the same time, however,

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La unción: Scott Hahn reflexiona sobre el bautismo del Señor

La liturgia de la semana pasada reveló el misterio del plan de Dios: que en Jesús todos los pueblos—simbolizados por los Magos–han sido hechos coherederos de las bendi¬ciones prometidas a Israel. En este domingo se nos muestra cómo reclamamos nuestra herencia. Jesús no se somete al bautismo de Juan como un pecador necesitado de purificación.

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Thomas Aquinas, excellence, virtue, habit, michael sherwin

Reclaiming the Excellence of Virtue

In contemporary parlance, the term habit has come to mean a psychological groove that diminishes freedom and restricts a person to stereotypical forms of behavior. Whether this refers to speaking with a heavy regional accent or to drinking coffee each morning or even to smoking a cigarette after every meal,

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