Author name: Molly Hostetler

Should Christians “Mind Our Own Business”?

We have all heard the expression “mind your own business.” Perhaps we ourselves have said it to an individual who is being overly curious about something in our lives, or asking something very personal. In these cases, it makes sense. But at other times it can be a kind of escape mechanism when someone sincerely wants to help us and we turn him or her away. It can be the rude answer of a person who doesn’t really want to think about his or her life in a serious way, or to change what needs to be changed.

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Are Man and Woman Interchangeable?

Self-identified transgender persons are a small but apparently growing population of persons who experience a severe dissonance between their sex (male or female) and their interior sense of themselves as men or women. It is a condition that is associated with a high rate of self-harming behavior, including alcohol abuse, drug abuse, sexual abuse, prostitution, and suicide. It is a condition that demands merciful care in every regard.

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The Sanctity of Marriage

Our civilization is crumbling from within, and one of the reasons is no-fault divorce. Many celebrities seem to mock marriage, with multiple extravagant weddings, tabloid-reported affairs and public court battles for custody of children. Perhaps their struggle is greater than the average person’s, as they try to balance fame, demanding careers and their private lives. Nevertheless, what started in Hollywood forty years ago is the norm today in many communities.

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