Month: March 2020

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Raising Truthful Children

One of my earliest memories is of a time my father took me to the hardware store. I was young—maybe seven years old. I don’t know what we were getting or why we were there, but the memory has never left me. After my father purchased whatever it was he was buying, we left the store. As we walked to the car, he counted his change. Suddenly, he turned around.

Why Should We Care about the Church Fathers?

There is today a great deal of curiosity about the earliest years of Christianity. We see it whenever a bestselling novel proposes an alternative story line (or bloodline) for the Church’s origins. We see it whenever an archaeologist turns up a previously unknown apocryphal gospel—and the news media say that it calls everything into question.

Who is St. Perpetua?

It’s something of a miracle that we know anything about St. Perpetua. She died very young, at the age of 22, and lived most of her years in Carthage, North Africa, far away from the great cultural centers of Rome, Alexandria, and Antioch. 

Passing Down the Faith to the Next Generation

I think it’s significant and important that the St. Paul Center is doing the series The Bible and the Church Fathers. The way of biblical religion is the way of the Fathers. We worship the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob, and the God of the Fathers. That’s the phrase used by the Apostles and the Early Church.

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What Can Children Do for Lent?

These forty days can feel like an awfully long time for children. As parents, we have a responsibility to help our families faithfully observe Lent. Though it can seem difficult at times, the season of Lent provides an especially meaningful time to instruct children.