The Road to Emmaus

As an author, speaker, and scholar, Scott Hahn has spent decades teaching Catholics how to read the Bible from the heart of the Church. Now, he’s bringing many of his most popular talks to listeners everywhere on The Road to Emmaus podcast.

Why Being in Exile is Actually Normal

Dr. Scott Hahn sits down with Rob Corzine to discuss the normal state of the people of God: Exile.

The “Exodus” of Exodus and Exile

Dr. Scott Hahn and Rob Corzine Interview Dr. John Bergsma about his upcoming daily challenge "Exodus" which will be featured ...

How Do We Navigate Exile? W/ Fr. Mike Schmitz

Purchase your copy of Catholics in Exile at and use coupon code FRMIKE20 to save 20% at checkout! Embark ...

Misconceptions Surrounding the Second Vatican Council

Dr. Scott Hahn and Rob Corzine discuss the interpretation of the Second Vatican Council by many who misunderstand it as ...

For The Sake Of Our Salvation

Dr. Scott Hahn and Rob Corzine discuss the inner workings and purpose behind "For The Sake Of Our Salvation."

Joy to the World

Dr. Scott Hahn and Rob Corzine sit down to discuss Christmas, Advent, and the importance of keeping the two separate.

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