The Road to Emmaus

As an author, speaker, and scholar, Scott Hahn has spent decades teaching Catholics how to read the Bible from the heart of the Church. Now, he’s bringing many of his most popular talks to listeners everywhere on The Road to Emmaus podcast.

Clarifying Church Teaching on the Pope’s Headship

In this Road to Emmaus special, Dr. Scott Hahn sits down to discuss with Rob Corzine some comments that Dr. ...

Helping Children Love The Mass

In Dr. Scott Hahn and Emily Stimpson Chapman's newest children's book, The Supper of the Lamb, children of all ages ...

Breaking the Bread and NEW Releases from the St. Paul Center

Dr. Scott Hahn and Rob Corzine sit down to discuss the newsest books from Emmaus Road Publishing.

How to Live a Catholic Life in a Secular World

Dr. Scott Hahn and Rob Corzine discuss Dr. Hahn's latest book, "Catholics in Exile."   From the day the Gospel ...

Are Catholics in Exile?

Join Dr. Scott Hahn and Rob Corzine as they answer the question, Are Catholics in Exile? In this new book, Catholics ...

Taking a Closer Look at the Holy Land

Dr. Scott Hahn and Fr. Charles Samson go deeper into their discussion on the Holy Land. Subscribe to The Road ...

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