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Sneak Peek of The Bible and the Church Fathers

It's finally here! The study that everyone's been waiting for has arrived: The Bible and the Church Fathers. It makes the perfect study for Lent! ...
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30 Days with Teresa of Avila, detachment

Seeking God in Darkness

What are the depths of our hidden God into which we are entering when we pray? The greatest saints have not penetrated to the depths of themselves, nor the greatest psychoanalysts, nor the greatest mystics or gurus. When we consider that we are made in the image of God and ... Read More

Prayer to St. Conrad of Piacenza

St. Conrad of Piacenza was an Italian nobleman living in the thirteenth century. He married a noblewoman and lived a life of luxury in his youth. His life was transformed, however, when one day he accidentally caught the forest on fire while hunting. An innocent peasant was blamed and sentenced ... Read More

Reading the Bible with the Church Fathers

I went into reading the Apostolic Fathers convinced that they were going to show that the early Church was Calvinist, which was my theological background, but they let me down in a big way. But what they showed me instead was so beautiful: the fullness of truth in the Catholic ... Read More
Fulfillment of All Desire

Called to Holiness

Jesus summed up his teaching in a startling and unambiguous call to His followers: “You, therefore, must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect” (Matt 5:48). Perfect in purity of heart, perfect in compassion and love, perfect in obedience, perfect in conformity to the will of the Father, perfect ... Read More

Finding Profound Love in Eucharistic Adoration

The highest form of devotion is actually more than a devotion: Eucharistic adoration. This personal, devotional prayer is also truly a form of liturgical prayer. Because the Eucharist comes only from the Church’s Liturgy, there is always a liturgical dimension to Eucharistic adoration.   ... Read More
Fundamentalist, creation, literal, Bible

Do We Take the Bible Literally?

The term “Fundamentalist” has at worst become a term of abuse and at times a term to designate someone who takes traditional religious beliefs, including moral stands, seriously (e.g., those who nowadays consider that homosexual actions are immoral because of what the Scripture says about them are regularly described as ... Read More
Scott Hahn, covenant theology, our father

We Can’t Pray without God

The disciples asked the Lord to teach them to pray. In fact, it is the Lord who leads the way every time we pray, and He teaches us how to pray. Without Him prayer is not possible and without Him we would be simply talking to ourselves or talking to ... Read More

Am I Really Praying?: Dealing with Distraction

“I went to pray but nothing happened. I just sat there. After a little while, I started to feel uncomfortable. I wasn’t sure what to say. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if anyone was listening anyway. I tried to talk to God, but I just heard the echo of ... Read More
authentic reform, Speaking the Truth in Love, Benedict XVI

Benedict XVI on Authentic Reform

Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, personifies true reform in the image of “the wonderer.” He notes that this sense of wonder, when it comes to ecclesial renewal, lies in the realization that the Church is not something made by men, but is “given to us all.” The “wonderer” ... Read More
sacraments, David Fagerberg, mysticism

Provisions for the Journey

Who can discover that this pathway of truth, beauty, and goodness—even though it passes through the valley of the shadow of death—leads ultimately to that end? The baptized liturgist. What does the resurrected soul discover when the world is done the way it was meant to be done? That what ... Read More