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Exorcism and the Battle Against the Devil

One of my favorite definitions of the Church is that it is the guardian to the tree of life. Ever since Adam and Eve were banished from paradise, the human person has been on a journey to arrive at the tree of life and be united with God for all eternity in heaven ...
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Unmasking Satan in Cultural Revolutions

A significant element of the Enlightenment—that upheaval of learning and change which profoundly shaped the modern world—was an explicit rejection of God, the Church, and revelation. What Voltaire, a leading figure of the Enlightenment, said about the Church, Ecrasez l’infame!, probably comes close to reflecting the sentiments of Satan on the subject: ... Read More
church in crisis, ralph martin

A Church in Crisis

It’s clear that we are living in a time of confusion and division, both in the Church and in the world. I am not qualified to evaluate whether this is the worst confusion the Church has seen or not—we have been through some pretty bad times over the centuries—but it ... Read More

Created for Sonship

The first two verses of Genesis tell us that God brought the entire world into existence at the dawn of history. But he not only creates the world, he forges a covenant with the world. We hear of this in later passages such as Jeremiah 33:25, where the prophet speaks of ... Read More

What Does the Bible Say about Angels?

Within the invisible creation, there exists a hierarchy of heavenly spirits. In the Bible we find various orders of the choirs of angels: Cherubim, Seraphim, Thrones, Dominions, Principalities, Powers, Virtues, Archangels, and Angels ... Read More

Announcing the Brand New St. Paul Center App!

The St. Paul Center has a new app! Will you leave a review? We’ve completely rebuilt the St. Paul Center app from scratch ... Read More

Only in Jesus: God’s Personal Invitation

The act of Christian faith has an essentially tangible character that constitutes perhaps the most serious challenge for those who take the leap of faith: to believe “that the fate of all history, our fate, depends on one individual: Jesus of Nazareth.”  ... Read More
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To Stand with Christ and Defend the Faith

When Origen wrote his introduction to the book Against Celsus, he drew a picture no apologist can afford to forget. He described our Lord standing alone and silent before His accusers in the judgment hall. Shrill voices bore discordant charges against Him, and He would not speak in His own defense. The ... Read More

Where Is Mary’s Assumption in the Bible?

The dogma of the Assumption teaches that at the end of her time on earth, Mary was taken up—body and soul—into heaven. There, she sits at her Son’s right hand, as Queen of Heaven and Earth. The foundation for the teaching is rooted in Scripture, specifically in John’s mysterious and ... Read More

Mid-August Feast: Celebrating the Assumption

Some people like movies about puppies. Or horses. Or cars. Me? I like movies about food. Which is why I went poste-haste to Pranzo Di Ferragosto (literally “Mid-August Lunch”) when it came to Pittsburgh a few years back ... Read More
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The Problems of the Modern View of Faith

In considering the question of the validity of faith for modern man, we need to understand modernity’s approach to faith in the context of modernity’s broader approach to reality. For modernity, faith is considered a type of knowledge that fails to meet the fundamental criterion that validates all knowing: that ... Read More