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Gods plans for you, Amy Smith, quarantine

God’s Plans Are Better Than Ours

St. Augustine wrote, “If God seems slow in responding, it is because He is preparing a better gift. He will not deny us. God withholds what you are not yet ready for. He wants you to have a lively desire for His greatest gifts. All of which is to say, pray always and do not lose heart.”   ...
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Marriage and Family vs the Diabolical

The image of the Holy Family, portrayed every year at Christmas time, is no human sentimental icon; rather, it is a supernatural reality that reveals the image of God in the Holy Trinity. The love of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is revealed in the unity of One God; ... Read More

Our Father: Understanding the Fatherhood of God

If we want to be Christians, we have no choice but to pray, “Our Father.” When the first disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray, He taught them using those very words. To pray as a Christian means to pray, “Our Father.”   ... Read More
Last Supper

The Church’s Eucharistic Mission

The theme of “fulfillment” in the Gospel of Matthew has occasioned much discussion, particularly in light of the “lure” of the formula quotations, in which St. Matthew uses a common formula to introduce quotations from the Old Testament, such as “All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had ... Read More

Congratulating Jeremiah Hahn on His Diaconate Ordination!

Congratulations to Dr. and Mrs. Hahn on the ordination of their son Jeremiah to the transitional diaconate! On June 5, Jeremiah Hahn was ordained at St. Peter Catholic Church by Bishop Jeffrey Monforton. This is the final step before his ordination to the priesthood for the diocese of Steubenville, Ohio.  ... Read More
Mike Aquilina, Eucharist foretold

A Pure Sacrifice: Why the Mass Isn’t Just Symbolic

Whenever the early Christians talked about the Mass, that prophecy from Malachi was sure to come up. The Mass, they believed, was its obvious fulfillment.   Malachi looked at the future and saw no more sacrifices at the Temple. Instead, the whole world was making a pure offering to the God ... Read More

Why Catholics Need Eucharistic Adoration

Since Christ is truly present in the Eucharist in His sacred humanity hypostatically united with the divine nature, the Eucharist should receive the adoration of latria that is given exclusively to God. Adoration of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament is a natural consequence of the Church’s faith in the real ... Read More
real presence

The Profound Love of the Eucharist

The highest form of devotion is actually more than a devotion: Eucharistic adoration. This personal, devotional prayer is also truly a form of liturgical prayer. Because the Eucharist comes only from the Church’s Liturgy, there is always a liturgical dimension to Eucharistic adoration ... Read More
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Church Teaching on the Real Presence

The Catholic Church has always taught that in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist, the body and blood, together with the soul and divinity, of our Lord Jesus—the whole Christ—is truly, really, and substantially present. This teaching is rooted in Scripture, taught by the Fathers and doctors of the ... Read More

Why We Shouldn’t Forget about Pentecost

The line is worth repeating: “This he said about the Spirit, which those who believed in him were to receive.” Jesus issues his invitation to “anyone” who thirsts for salvation. To those who believe he promises salvation through the gift of the Spirit.   ... Read More

The Importance of Matthias Scheeben to Catholic Scholarship

Most people are familiar with Pope Saint John Paul II and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, two of the most important Catholic theologians and leaders of the twentieth century. But less well-known is the nineteenth-century theologian who had a profound impact on the work of both these great thinkers: Fr. Matthias ... Read More