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Do Catholics Read the Bible?

Catholics are often criticized for the way we approach the Bible. These criticisms normally come from two directions. From one direction some Protestant Christians, who disagree with Catholic doctrine concerning tradition and with the Catholic approach to Scripture, charge the Church with neglecting Scripture ...
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Is the Bible Just Literature?

The Bible is unique. No other work of writing has ever been so studied, so commented on, so debated. It has been a part of the Church from the beginning, and each generation continues to grapple with it ... Read More

7 Ideas for Celebrating the Word of God in the New Year

In his recent Apostolic letter Aperuit Illis, Pope Francis established the Third Sunday of Ordinary Time as the Sunday of the Word of God. As we celebrate the inaugural feast on January 26, here are a few ways to follow Pope Francis’ call to make Scripture a part of everyday life throughout the ... Read More

Highlights from the 2020 Priest Conference West

See highlights from the 2020 Priest Conference West ... Read More
agony in the garden, silence in spiritual life

The Role of Silence in a Life of Faith

In my role as the director of a silent hermitage retreat center, I am convinced that if there is one area where many of Christ’s followers neglect to imitate Him, it is in the regular practice of going away to a deserted place to spend time in silence with Our ... Read More

The Bible and the Fathers

It was the Bible that made me read the Fathers. When I was studying for the Presbyterian ministry, I wanted to understand the world where Jesus lived and where the apostles preached. I wanted to defend the New Testament canon against its latest round of challenges, for example against those ... Read More

A Star Shall Come Forth Out of Jacob: Celebrating the Epiphany

Matthew, more than any other Gospel, is constantly making connections to that Old Testament story. Some scholars say he makes hundreds of allusions to stories, prophecies, prayers and teachings from the Jewish Scriptures ... Read More
Mary, Mother of God

Mother and Queen

No one treats Mary like a queen more than Catholics. We honor her as our royal mother in numerous ways. We sing the famous “Hail Holy Queen enthroned above . . .” When we pray the Rosary, we honor Mary as the crowned queen in the fifth glorious mystery. All ... Read More
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Christian Marriage and Divine Love

In their wedding vows, a man and woman make a gift of themselves to each other. They promise fidelity and the whole of who they are as persons. This mutual gift then becomes the basis of the whole of their life together—their communion of love. This gift is remembered and ... Read More
Feast of the Holy Innocents, God With Us, Edward Sri

Jesus and the Holy Innocents: The New Testament and the Old

Matthew tells of Herod’s decree to kill the young male children around Bethlehem. Jesus escapes with his parents to Egypt only to come back to Israel later, after an angel appears to Joseph, telling him, “. . . those who sought the child’s life are dead” (Matt 2:20).   ... Read More

Our Year in Review

When Kimberly and I first entered the Church, we noticed one thing—that Catholics didn’t read the Bible. But our faith is biblical. In fact, our liturgy is steeped in Scripture. To be fully Catholic, we must know the Bible ... Read More