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More than Meets the Eye: John the Baptist

The first time I visited the Jordan River—the place where John the Baptist began his ministry—I couldn’t help but think that this prophet could have chosen a much better place to launch his career of preparing the Jewish people for the Messiah ...
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Why Don’t We Have Women Priests?

Contemporary critics of the Church, particularly those who classify themselves as feminist theologians, believe the hierarchical structure of all-male priestly authority is an inherently unjust system and sinful in its exclusion of women from positions of power. Their attack is based upon a secular view of authority as a quantifiable ... Read More
Fr. James Schall, Catholicism and Intelligence

What Replaces Christianity in a “Post-Christian World”?

We often hear expressions like “the post-Christian era” to describe the time in which we live. It is not a bad phrase provided we realize that every step in rejecting a Christian teaching keeps that very teaching before our eyes. Just as Christianity preserved many pagan practices, a “post-Christian era” ... Read More
Tracey Rowland, The Culture of the Incarnation, Catholic Culture

Logos, Brands, and Celebrity: the Religion of the Age

Most pop-culture celebrities are not only post-Christian but their lives are often what philosophers call “narrative wrecks.” The narrative or story of their life contains so many twists and contradictions that their personal integrity has been shattered. They often employ an entourage of “minders,” including life coaches, to advise them ... Read More

Reason and Revelation

The point of revelation in the Catholic sense is that the world itself exists as an arena in which individual persons, each with a proper name, in their dealings with one another, in whatever time or place, work out their salvation. Salvation does not mean the preservation of at least ... Read More

The Best Books in Our Warehouse

There’s no one who’s more familiar with our great resources than the guys who work with them every day—our Emmaus Road warehouse staff. They’re always coming up with great ideas to help you hear about our best books ... Read More

Beauty: the Remedy to a Culture Gone Numb

In our post-Christian culture, the gospel is no longer compelling, even in supposedly religious rural areas. The capitalistic media culture in which we live—in which everything from what’s supposed to be hard news to hard-core pornography is packaged as entertainment for the sake of profit—affects Manhattan, NYC, as well as ... Read More

God Invites Us to Call Him by Name

Whenever we pray the Lord’s Prayer, we acknowledge God’s name as “[h]allowed” (Matt 6:9)—that is, as holy or sanctified. But what do we mean by this? Do we mean what Jesus meant? ... Read More
Fundamentalist, creation, literal, Bible

God Never Leads Us into Temptation

The Lord’s Prayer is like a marathon course whose last mile winds up a steep hill. Or it’s like a Himalayan mountain whose ultimate peak crowns a sheer, vertical rock face. We approach the end of the Our Father, and still we face the petition that has proven a stumbling ... Read More

Learning Perfect Virtue from Jesus in the Eucharist

By becoming man, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity was able to teach us perfect virtue not only through a law but also through the example of His human words and actions, especially in His Paschal mystery ... Read More

Yes, There’s a Connection Between Hugging Trees and Keeping the Commandments

Our culture is at a very unfortunate impasse between the Left and the Right, between Liberals and Conservatives, and it affects Catholics. To boil it down, the Left focuses primarily on ecology, and the Right focuses primarily on morality. This is not a division of labor, but an ongoing battle ... Read More