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How to Become a more grateful person, Thanksgiving, Thankful, Catholic thanksgiving

How to Become a More Grateful Person

There is a running joke in my family about asking God for help in parking the car. My nana initiated the practice of imploring God when encountering difficulty in finding an open parking space: “Jesus, please help me find a parking spot.” Well, my dad repeats this prayer, adding his own twist at the end. As he drives around a busy lot looking for a space, he, following the wit and wisdom of his mother, prays, “Dear Jesus, please help me find a parking spot.” When a space almost miraculously appears in the near vicinity, he looks up, signaling his ...
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Chris Stefanick, living joy, thanksgiving

Give Thanks in All Circumstances

A lot of people wonder what the secret sauce for a happy life is, and why God doesn’t just tell us. Turns out he did, but what he said is simple, and we’re busy looking for a mystic light to shine from behind a cloud—illuminating a hidden path. We’re looking ... Read More
having fun, Chris Stefanick, Living Joy

Having Fun Is Spiritually Powerful

Let’s start by saying an uncomfortable truth: You used to be more fun than you are. Very few people keep the childlike gleam in their eyes. They let life make them very, very serious. They let their adult responsibilities rob them of their childlikeness.   ... Read More
scott hahn, it is right and just, brandon mcginley, election, presidential election

Secular Society Is Worshiping Something, and It’s Not Christ

Everything that is true of so-called secular societies is true of so-called secular individuals. To refuse to submit oneself to the living God—to refuse to acknowledge, adore, and serve Him as justice demands—is not a neutral choice. It does not preserve one’s objectivity or intellectual freedom; it does not liberate ... Read More
Living Joy, Chris Stefanick, joy, how to be happy

You. Want. Joy.

You want real happiness, not just a passing “good mood.” And your desire for joy is driving everything else you’ve ever looked for in life. In fact, we only want other things because we all want that one thing. If you’re looking for money, it’s because you think money will give ... Read More
vocations awareness week, amy smith, plans God has for you

Discernment: Tips for Teens

“What does God want for my life?” This is a question every Christian asks themselves. But finding answers can be hard. Here are five tips for finding God’s will ... Read More
election, scott hahn, brandon mcginley, religious liberty, church and state, it is right and just

It’s Time to Stand Up for Truth and Morals in Politics

The ideas that most influence society are not necessarily those which people actively affirm but those which go without saying—that is, those notions that we don’t even realize we’re organizing our lives around because we’ve never had to think about them, like a fish never thinks about water.   ... Read More
ways to defend yourself against evil, exorcism, fr vincent lampert

Five Ways to Defend Yourself Against Evil

Christians should not live in fear of the devil. We are called to be God-fearing people and what this means is that we live in awe of God and all that he is doing in our lives because of his great love for each of us. Our strength comes from ... Read More
church and state, scott hahn, brandon mcginley, it is right and just, religious liberty

What Does Religion Have to Do with Politics?

What does the duty of religion have to do with politics and law? Just asking the question would cause most modern political thinkers to break out in hives. Morality and especially religion are supposed to be separate, largely private areas of concern; politics, on the other hand, is necessarily public and therefore ... Read More

Confusion in the Church

It’s clear that we are living in a time of confusion and division, both in the Church and in the world. I am not qualified to evaluate whether this is the worst confusion the Church has seen or not—we have been through some pretty bad times over the centuries—but it ... Read More
john paul ii, eucharist, spiritual battle

A Checklist for Spiritual Battle

Scripture tells us “Be not afraid” 365 times—once for every day of the year! No matter the challenges we face in our lives, God has given us many gifts to strengthen and encourage us ... Read More