How to Celebrate Word of God Sunday

This Sunday is the Sunday of the Word of God. Ignite a deeper love for Scripture, starting with a free reflection from Scott Hahn and John Bergsma, part of the weekly video series The Word of the Lord.

This newly established celebration is a reminder for all of us of the central role the Scriptures play in the life of the Church, as well as the riches they offer us in our own lives. Here are some more ways to bring the Scriptures into our everyday lives. 

1. Make each Sunday centered on the Word of God by diving into the Sunday readings. One simple way to do this is by joining Scott Hahn and John Bergsma for the weekly series The Word of the Lord. Watch this Sunday's reflection for free.

2. Use Lent as an opportunity to return to the roots of our faith—the Scriptures and the Sacraments. Register for our FREE Lenten streaming series, led by Scott Hahn, featuring faith-inspiring talks on the importance of confession, prayer, the Eucharist, and knowing Gospel. You’ll also receive a free PDF book of reflections for the Scripture readings for every day of Lent. 

3. Learn to read and understand the Bible as a coherent story of salvation. Dive into one of the award-winning Journey Through Scripture video studies (and consider inviting your friends to journey with you). Explore all of our video studies, ranging from the Mass to Mary. 

4. Become more in tune with the lectionary. John Bergsma offers reflections for each Sunday and Feast Day in the entire three-year liturgical cycle in The Word of the Lord series. This year, we read from Year C. 

5. Help your priest focus more on preaching the Word of God. Priests are so often bogged down by a million tasks that they can’t devote as much time as they’d like to homily preparation and personal study. Send them on retreat with the Catholic world’s top Scripture scholars and theologians at a St. Paul Center Priest Conference. Registration is now open for this year’s April and July conferences.

6. Invite Scott Hahn or John Bergsma to speak at your parish for a day of Scripture study. Plus see all events happening around the country.  


Join Us in Going Deeper

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